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Australian Secrets and Australian Lies: The Original Series

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I watched the original series a few weeks ago. Not great (especially when compared to similar shows like Broadchurch), but enjoyable enough.


Going by the trailer, the only significant change obvious so far is that the detective in charge is a woman. I assume it's no longer set at Christmas too, given the clothes in the trailer.


If people just want to know who the killer was in the original:

It was the little girl, the main character's younger daughter. She crazy.

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I've watched the whole thing, over the past twenty-four hours. Wow. I guessed who the killer was.


I wondered if they were going to havehim be the killer, after all, but Eva, and the boy's mum were my two top guesses.

I hated how Ben kept making himself look guilty, though - disposing of the torch, rather than picking it up with a cloth, and putting it in a plastic bag.

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I made it half way through the second episode before I was too irritated by the refusal to reveal that the boy was his biological son. There's being a mystery and there's withholding the obvious, which isn't.

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Question for those who watched the Australian show.  Was the Australian detective as dour and sullen as Julliete Lewis is in the American version?

I think so. I've put it on again tonight, and he's pointedly watching what's his name - Ben. 

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I saw the American version first. Then I was curious and looked at the Australian version on HULU. I think the Australian version was better. The reveal of who the killer was, was done much better in the original, in my opinion.


I did like how the remake showed how little Tom did not like water and swimming. That made the killer's statement about "going to the river" more chilling.

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I think the Australian version was better.


     So do I, so far.  I gave up after 3 episodes of the American version.

I'm on episode 5 of the Australian series. I think the acting and writing are superior.


For Red Road fans, this stars Martin Henderson. 


I have Amazon Prime, so I'm watching it for free.

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