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  1. slf John and Sonya were effectively married. It's hard to get legally married when you have legal hazard walking into a courthouse. It's true that John officially claimed not to be with Sonya. The commanding officer is not supposed to sleep with his subordinates. Between dialogue saying they weren't a couple and what I saw on screen, I go with what I saw. (For this show that appears to be a minority viewpoint.)
  2. Sometimes I can't tell how literally to read comments, without tone of voice or body language to help. Also, I don't know if the lyrics are changed. But I'm pretty sure if Andy could tear apart concrete and steel, then he could tear flesh and bone. The fact that Andy has only pushed people tells us who he is, and it's not someone letting go. The writing seems to be more of the kind that sees vicarious wish-fulfillment figures emoting as the payoff to a scene. I'm not sure the writers don't just think of Andy as a pussy who can't do what it takes. But then, the real explanation may be that they
  3. Perfect Xero I rather agree with you about Reed being hard-hearted if I relate what he's doing to real life situations. And I agree the show doesn't think Reed's in the wrong. But I don't think it's because the show would have us believe Andy doesn't need protection. The show clearly wants us to see Andy as weak and naive. But Andy's on team blue state, which is like being a revolutionary and that is unforgivable, despicable, terrifying, even as it is weak and naive. The thing is, lots of people value "strength," as in being a winner, (Andy is the loser on the show,) and cunning, and see weak
  4. Reed rejects Andy for the same reason Marcos rejects Lorna: Politics. Reed and Marcos are team red state, so when they insist their supposed loved ones do things their way, they're right and good. Also, the writers know exactly what they're doing with Andy/Lauren, which is a plausible deniability version of the Lannisters where of course it's simply rape, because this is modern times. As the perfect hero he must reject Andy. Caitlin is portrayed as less rational. I suppose they think agency for so many female characters makes this just a personal idiosyncrasy rather than because mother's are i
  5. Nobody sighted in North Carolina attacking the Humanity Today summit and assassinating a Senator (and the real target, Campbell,) is thought to be dead in a mysterious explosion in Atlanta. The catastrophe was in North Carolina, if you believe killing a Senator is unforgivable. But the red state team thinks the Hounds/Hound pair getting killed was unforgivable, just like killing guards to rescue the group at Trask was unforgivable, so they talk about "Atlanta." It seems we are to think the Hound program never existed and nobody saved anyone by stopping it. Lauren’s idea that she took the
  6. Can't see this as right. Also, the first hand holding scene in the flashback is the precedent. For better or for worse, it's the show that has sexualized the Fenris visuals. Most of all, as to this scene, a disagreement over politics doesn't make Lauren scream in terror when she wakes up. That was not, oh noes I'm tempted by the dark side! That was, my own brother EEEEEEEE! Also, team red state is pure, while team blue state is eeeeevil.
  7. Do have to interject: C-section in an unfinished glass cage seems like not-an-option to me. But maybe I'm just a coward.
  8. Again, I'm quite unconvinced the US government is so competent that it could have locked down the passengers after the news broke they were back. However I'm also convinced a simple phone call to the networks by Someone In Authority would lead them all to downplay events as much as possible. And the outright spooky elements, like the not aging, treated as merely a claim, not a mind boggling. But then, I tend to think of the news as mostly government stenography, with different viewpoints copying different factions. Part of the problem is that it's hard to show mass reaction without
  9. The music in the head for Ben and Adio's dad was the ringtone. Dad heard it so that he would attract Ben's attention and lead Ben to Adio and prove the tune was a sign and a wonder. And of course the other point was the tune was the thief's ringtone and his phone ringing would attract Ben to Adio's happy ending. God sent them to watch the plane blow up so they would be singled out. There is no actual reason to think they went anywhere. They just jumped from 2013 to 2018. If they had gone somewhere they would have aged. They're the same age, they didn't go anywhere. Whatever th
  10. Don't believe in Clarke's Third Law. But a character invoking it is supposed to leave it open to a handwaving natural explanation. Already forgotten who wasn't too pleased with the way God was doing things. Always good to have characters notice what's going on, makes them more like people. The guy invoking rights didn't say anything about catching more flies with honey than with vinegar, or the horse is already out of the barn. We should count our blessings I suppose. Cal's guardian angel is not the one who shot the woman, I'm sure.
  11. Judging from the first few minutes, God does miracles to save soul of witless atheist. Well, I wish God did miracles to help people, but He doesn't. (Don't ask me to justify or condemn this policy of His, that's above my pay grade.) When the rabbi who believes in physical miracles (something by the way that lots and lots and lots of high-toned believers claim *not* to believe) asks the lead "What happened to you?" this is the show explaining it's about how miracles are done to cure his lack of faith. That's Signs, except stretched out. Gonna pass. I liked the lead, but I though Jason Ritter wa
  12. I'm getting a little shocked that so many people thought Andy's first season hairstyle was better. To my eyes the bleach job doesn't make him look so pallid. I thought first season was a lot like Jaime Murray on Dexter, except none of the other characters notice his Canadian tan. The dude matches Polaris pretty well, and I think she's getting chalked in makeup. I don't know if Natalie Alyn Lind is a natural blonde still, but her complexion is noticeably darker than Percy Hynes White or Amy Acker, to my eyes at least. Of course the best thing would have been short hair the actor had in the two
  13. on the one hand, Polaris ended the Hound program by assassinating Campbell...Justice done the only way it could be in my opinion. I'm actually skeptical that the necessary information plus all the surviving Hound program graduates wouldn't have been started up again without him (and Montez.) But both parties and the episode apparently resolve all the implausibilities with a six month closing of the eyes. But then, like the Frosts saving Blink and Lauren from Trask, resisting government officials is deplorable when it leads to the deaths of authority figures. (This is official, Lauren was as mu
  14. I think the main points were 1) the Hellfire Club has been replaced 2) the Inner Circle is evil, evil, evil, evil because a) Polaris is crazy, b) Reeva Payge is a black militant c) Andy sexually assaults his own sister* 3) Eclipse ditched his wife for political disagreement and now he is going crazy because he wants to kidnap the baby 4) for no reason, Reed is developing superpowers that for no reason he doesn’t want, even though he was already slated to be experiment on. On the non-development side, Blink has of course latched onto the guy she hit on after his wife’s funeral, John is still in
  15. sjohnson

    S01.E01: Pilot

    On the issue of public reaction to their not aging being underplayed? My guess is that a lot of people don't understand they haven't aged. The doctors reaction to Cody's case was entirely based on the ingrained assumption. They were even surprised he was still alive. Saanvi had to reiterate the point. To be very even-handed, looking pretty much the same would really only be remarkable in children.
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