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S15.E07: Kirsten Dunst, Bear Grylls, Dawn French and Sam Smith

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Graham Norton continues his anarchic talk show. His guests include comedy favourite Dawn French, talking about touring solo; Hollywood star Kirsten Dunst, who is starring in new movie The Two Faces of January;  Eurovision Song Contest 2014 winner, Conchita Wurst and action man and survival expert Bear Grylls. Plus music from Sam Smith, who performs Stay With Me.
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I was surprised at how lively a guest Kiki was.  Perhaps that says more about me than it does about her  -- I have a notion that she's a sullen creature. Maybe she's not!


I rolled my eyes at Bear's description of the man-test of his latest show. Of course women would do better at such a task, seeing as how they're the ones cleaning up after menfolk who can't manage to change a toilet paper roll! In the words of Mrs. Thatcher, women cope.

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Am I crazy?  Did the US audience get to see Sam Smith?  I'm loving his music and I don't think I'd totally forget seeing him. 


Dawn French has always been and will always be a cool chick.  I would love to grab a beer with her.

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Actually they swtiched it with the show that was on.  The weird zombie show now runs at 11 instead of 10.  Not sure if it is still running the extra fifteen or not.


Why was Dawn there?  Not complaining at all but I don't think it was ever mentioned let alone covered. Usually it is said even in passing in the edited 45 minute shows.


I often wonder if Graham does not care for someone who is on the show.  Now I think maybe Eddy Grylls might be that guy.  Granted I think he is a posturing phoney myself.  But looking at the couch it was kind of odd in makeup.  As the huge movie season kicks off it just came off as a non-grabbing line up in terms of publicity (again I love Dawn so I was glad for what we got.  Any time and every time).  I wonder if the always carefully coddled Tom Cruise appearance threw off the schedule since even though he now deigns to share part of the show with others, he still needs that private session as it were with Graham and whoever is his female lead of the moment. 


anyway back to Grylls.  I think Graham is way too clever and his demure protests seemed more gleeful than rueful after he pretty much called Grylls out as the liar he is in the matter of where the ring was in the whole skinny dipping proposal thing.  Seems like nothing more than a silly "adventure" story Grylls came up with to show how edgy he is in the outdoors.  Betting he came up with it from the confines of an Egyptian cotton robe in the seaside resort's spa.  Graham just seemed like he might have had enough and got his ring up the ass ding in and then sat back while Grylls tried to figure out how to untie that knot.

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