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S05.E00: The Profit in Marijuana County

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Humboldt County, California is home to an estimated 10,000 illegal pot farms and source of much of the illegal marijuana in America. But things are changing fast in Humboldt, as California becomes the eighth state to legalize recreational weed. In a special episode of “The Profit,” Marcus Lemonis looks at how legalization is changing the landscape in this legendary outlaw county. 

Compared to the first marijuana special, this was much more about growing than retail. I found it very interesting - especially how many growers are choosing not to become legal because the taxes for it are so high.

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Yeah, out of 7 episodes so far this season we've had 4 "normal" episodes. That's assuming you consider the Monica Potter episode a normal one.

I guess it's nice for Marcus that he gets to explore interests outside the original format of the show. He presumably can't keep investing in new businesses forever, so this is a good way for him to keep the show alive longer. But as a viewer I have little interest in these specials. 

I would much rather spend more time with the businesses he has invested in. (Even if that results in less Marcus overall.)

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11 hours ago, Thrifty said:

Wait, this is a different marijuana special?  I cancelled it from my DVR because I thought the DVR was just screwing up and recording a rerun.

I thought it was a rerun too until Marcus said something on Twitter. A repeat would have made sense to capitalize on California law going into effect, and they didn't advertise it effectively enough in this regard.

3 hours ago, Whimsy said:

I hate these “special” episodes. This is not what I signed up for. 

CNBC has always had special investigations by on-air talent, like David Faber e.g. I think they're just leveraging The Profit because it does well in the ratings already and Marcus is amenable.

Fortunately the show is back to regular episodes next week with a sports clothing maker.

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I thought this show was great, illuminating all of the problems of Humboldt County and coping with the ins and outs of making money from growing marijuana. I especially enjoyed the interview with the older couple who started out as pioneers growing weed in 1971. I don't know how they avoided getting caught in all of those years, especially since their neighbor was and sentenced to 10 years in prison. It must have been nerve wracking knowing that their two children could have been left with their parents imprisoned if they had been caught. Now people are rushing in to make quick money, not realizing how difficult it is to grow marijuana plants, especially outdoors.  The taxation aspect of this was interesting too. Well done, Marcus, and you are probably wise not to sink any money into this business now.

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Obviously, it brings money! Have you ever took into account how much money make all dealers and producers of weed? Now, the government wants to take its share from this business through taxes. In Canada the night the marijuana was legalized, a lot of stores opened in different cities, and I’m pretty sure that they existed before under disguise. Now, they have to pay taxes. I personally use CBD oil, but in some states, it’s problematic to get it, despite low THC concentration. I recently ordered some oil on knockoutcbd.com. Hopefully, it will be delivered soon without any problems.

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