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So there was a discussion from reddit based on the previews for the season and lining them up appropriately with what was seen to form a general order and/or expecatation.

Here is the link: 


It at least gives a good outline of the most likely scenarios for Top 8 and who was eliminated when. I think the analysis is pretty good. Some surprises, but a mostly reasonable looking end game.

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On 2/1/2018 at 9:18 AM, Nancypants said:

I like Liz, but damn. "I can't shower when I want, so that makes everyone in the house a Sociopath."


I think the editing for that was intentionally deceptive to make Liz look bad.  The editing was choppy and didn't make sense throughout the episode.  I think her "Sociopath" comment came after some severe bullying where the alleged threat to her safety happened and not the shower complaint.

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