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  1. I'm glad Whoopi is doing well and getting better. She did look thinner, but considering what happened it makes sense.
  2. My mom watched the clip and was annoyed at Meghan. The thing that got her was that Ilhan is speaking out against AIPAC and Israeli's human rights issues, which are fine and valid. Some of her wording may not have been correct, but compared to what some Republicans have said and what the President has said about literal nazi, Ilhan isn't worth crying over. However, when Joy brought up how Ilhan can speak out about Somalia, or Libya or whatever (which was messed up and Ilhan has spoken out against Saudi...every Muslim person would speak out against Saudi and other Arab nations. They're super corrupt. I think Hassan Minhaj even made a joke about it on his show) Meghan brought up Iran and that is what my mom had an issue with. Meghan, in her whiteness, can speak out about Muslim countries all she wants and knows that no one would say that she is Islamiphobic. Everyone understands that the countries don't represent actual Muslims or the religion. Common sense. But in Meghan's view, attacking Israel on their human rights abuses, which they are guilt of doing to not only Palestinians, but medics, media personnel and Ethiopian Jews, that's wrong and worth crying over. And to prove her point, she brings up a Muslim country to hate on. Ilhan can't speak out against Israel, but Meghan can speak out against any country she wants. Why? Why does Meghan feel this way? My mom says that it's because Ilhan is a Muslim refugee and that's all she needs to know about Meghan.
  3. Hehe, but at least this would mean maternity leave.
  4. I saw on Twitter people posting what actual white male Republicans have said and I'm pretty sure Meghan said nothing. No one cares, which makes one wonder why they care when Ilhan said nothing.
  5. I missed yesterday's episode, but Meghan cried again? I wish Sunny asked Meghan where those years were when black people were being killed and Colin Kaep decided to raise awareness by kneeling. That's not right though. You can't raise awareness and you can speak out. You just need to love guns and live with cactus. Anything else is too much. ...if Meghan has been crying more, I wonder if she's pregnant?
  6. Shut up Meghan. And I'm disappointed with Joy. Did anyone read what Ilhan said? We can speak out about so many countries, but speaking out about human rights violations in Israel? The problem is that everyone assumes Muslims are antisemitic and that a black refugee can't talk about things that are valid. Thank you Sunny. You may be crazy when it comes to jealousy, but you're right here.
  7. That's how I viewed it too and the I read an article where the writers didn't want to make a big deal about it, so I get what they were going for with the scene. It's just that, Galvin is risking his life for Macy and says I love you so Macy rewards him with sex, even though we didn't even get an I love you from her. It just felt like it was for Galvin instead of Macy and Galvin.
  8. THAT CLIFFHANGER! Every episode has be on the edge of my seat and every episode has me waiting for the next. What a great show. I'm confused about Babcock. She should be just as angry with Richards as she is with Nicole. Sure, he wasn't a scientist but he helped bring her here and he betrayed her trust at the diner. But she still wants him all the while plotting Nicole's downfall. I wonder if Nicole will inject herself with the cure? She might as well, since she's stuck there. Fanning is such a great villain. The actor is doing an amazing job, because I can easily find myself being charmed by him. Charmed, but also rolling my eyes thinking "Really? Really Fanning? Come on." There's this comfortable swagger that he's got going on where he knows he's a massive douche and knows that you know this, but he still fully intends for you to follow him because why not? The actor sells this beautifully. Everyone here is selling their roles beautifully. Not a weak link found here. When Lacey walked up, I some how thought "Ahh, could it be Winston?" Then remembered that he's dead and it's daytime. I was happy seeing Lacey though. We needed more from her in this episode, but I get why we only got that one scene. Guilder's fall from grace is fun. Martinez being a viral is just icing on the cake and again plays with the idea that these humans are underestimating these vampires. Winston did it to the Asian scientist and Martinez played Guilder perfectly. But will Guilder die after Martinez kills him or Fanning? Will Amy kill him? LOL, very true. They purposely found a kid who had no ties, who lost her only family and then kidnapped her, give her a 'drug' that could kill her and do this all without her consent or with a guardian involved. But intentionally killing her, well that's just crazy talk.
  9. Maggie has had this power since the Harbringer episode, so it was nice seeing her use it again here. I enjoyed Harry. He's usually the best thing of Charmed, so I'm glad he's still killing it. I liked seeing Madame Roz again and I liked that Galvin has to go on a quest. I...I don't like that Macy slept with Galvin just like that. He says he loves her and he's undertaking this huge quest for her, so she just invites him upstairs? I don't know, it seemed cliche and unlike Macy. Oh well, she can do whatever and if she wanted to do this it's fine. It just seemed like a reward for Galvin more than Macy making this decision. I'm not sure if I'm explaining it properly, but she didn't even say "I love you" to him so I'm not even sure if she feels the same way. Mel not using her powers is kind of odd, considering she was the one who was into being a witch. She can use a hex, but can't use her Charmed power? Come on, that's just lazy writing.
  10. To me, a Zionist is someone who is okay with seeing illegal settlements happen in the West Bank or the destruction of Gaza or the displacement of Palestinians, because that entire area is Israel and Palestinians are not welcomed. To be a Zionist, you can't be for a two state solution. (Not that I think a two state solution would ever work) I have no problem with the Jewish state or Jews, but Netanyahu's policies are racist and xenophobic. And the general idea surrounding Zionism doesn't bode well for Palestinians. If she defines a Liberal Zionist in the way you do, then I wish she would have described that on the show because to most people those two words don't make sense together.
  11. Unless you're blasting Uber for their worker's rights and their horrible company policies, then that's one thing. But Meghan has no clue what she's talking about. She even brought up Leo Dicaprio and his private planes, even though he addressed that himself in his own documentary about climate change. If she watched the documentary, she'd know that Leo allows himself to get blasted by climate change scientists while he talks about how ignorant he was on the situation. The thing is, even if Leo changes nothing will change. If governments change, then everything will change. Meghan bringing up people and blaming them for using the tools necessary to do their job is such an elitist thing to do.
  12. Why being Inslee on when you give him one segment and don't let him talk? Sometimes the View is so frustrating. Work on having less commercials and less Kardashians.
  13. This is how you talk about Ilhan? The one who spoke out about AIPAC and against Israeli policies and now is getting racist and Islamiphobic attacked along with death threats? Shut up Bari and Meghan. Edit, I don't get why Joy mentioned the Muslims on the left like it's their fault for antisemitism. Ilhan apologized for her comments but stated that she's against the lobbying from AIPAC and Netanyahu. Tlalib is Palestinian, so she won't be happy with the government who is killing and displacing her people. *sigh* at least Sunny said something. I just wish people would leave Ilhan alone. The amount of death threats that she's been getting for saying something Glen Greenwald has been saying for years is saying something. Bari saying she's a Liberal Zionists means that she's for the destruction of the Palestinian people. So, her views are already biased for me. sorry for the rant, but this is ridiculous.
  14. Meghan didn't look happy about stopping the war in Yemen. If there's one thing that is consistent, at least until she says that it isn't, is her love of wars and intervention.
  15. Earlier this week she said that she likes when Hollywood becomes political, now that she's apparently happy with Abby's interview when she wasn't before. She also said that she doesn't surround herself with yes people and likes being told that she's wrong, but we know that she can't handle that. It's been a strange week.
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