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Season 10 (Andi) Guys

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Reality Steve posted this about Will today:


"Will has been trying to get on this show for years, and for a while now, has been trolling my video chat, and video chats of former contestants under the screen name “UncleSexy.”... He basically was a troll that made lewd, perverted comments to anyone with a vagina. He has since deleted his @UncleSexy twitter handle, probably because it showed numerous conversations in the past of him hitting on former contestants on the show. Just ask around and plenty former contestants will tell you what a pig they think “UncleSexy” is."

So, basically, perfect for this show.

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From Reality Steve:

"Josh Murray: 29, Athens, GA. Graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.A. in Business Administration in 2010 after playing minor league baseball for 5 years in the Brewers organization straight out of high school. Currently works as a Financial Services Rep for Capstone Financial.  However, his claim to fame is being the older brother of recently graduated UGA quarterback, Aaron Murray. And you’ll never guess who’s one of the biggest UGA fans on the planet? You guessed it…Andi’s dad. . . . So lets see, Josh lives in GA, his brother was basically the best QB in school history, the Dorfman’s are huge UGA fans, and he’s good looking. I would be SHOCKED if Josh doesn’t at least make it to hometowns. And this guy has “next Bachelor” written all over him if he doesn’t win."

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This article contains a quote from Murray's mother indicating that he was contacted by ABC to be on the show, not the other way around.  So, yeah, totally not a coincidence.

Also, is family normally allowed to "confirm" that someone is on the show?  Although I suppose in this case it works in ABC's favor, so I doubt they'll mind.

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Will Barry was apparently eliminated just before shooting started this week.  Reality Steve has the story, and also admits that he was incorrect in connecting Barry with the UncleSexy online handle which had been used to abuse women from this series.  However, Steve claims that Barry was eliminated BEFORE his column outing Barry went live, so he was not responsible.  Whatever. 

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According to Reality Steve (via Twitter), the man critically injured in this paragliding accident yesterday was Eric Hill, the recipient of the first one-on-one date of Andi's season.


He is currently in critical condition in a Utah hospital

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According to Reality Steve (via Twitter), the man critically injured in this paragliding accident yesterday was Eric Hill, the recipient of the first one-on-one date of Andi's season.




With head trauma, which is scary.


Apparently he was doing everything right in terms of safety gear, and he had lots of experience, but he misjudged the weather.


I hope he recovers fully.


ETA: Thanks, Rhondinella, for letting us know.

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Reality Steve tweeted a link to a post from a friend of Eric's that he is in a medically induced coma with a severe head injury and other serious injuries to his body.   That sounds very, very serious.  

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Reality Steve provides more detail in the link below. 

However - there are also spoilers on the home-town dates in this update, including identification of the final four. Therefore, I'm putting it in spoiler tags.

Since we don't violate copyrights here by copying big chunks of text, I will tell those of you who don't want to follow the link that a friend of Eric's posted on Instagram that he is in "very critical condition with severe head trauma."

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Yeah, have to wonder how the show and producers will handle it if he either doesn't recover or is still in a coma at the time the show starts airing.  They would have to address it somehow,

but would be hard to edit Eric out since he got the first one-on-one date.

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Reality Steve has included a bit about Eric, the accident and his condition in today's column.  Nothing we didn't already know, really, but there it is.  

Warning:  Spoilers in that column about the hometown dates, and also some information about how Eric faired on the show, which, really, should be fairly obvious.  But still, proceed at your own risk.

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Latest update from RS is that Eric died this morning. I haven't read the article yet, just his summary sentence.


So tragic.


ETA: The RS article is mostly about how ABC will handle this. (RS is very upset by this, but I agree with him that the point must be raised.) I will put the link in the Spoiler section.


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How sad. He seemed like the epitome of living life to the fullest. I think he would've been a really interesting Bachelor but he was probably too good for that. He seemed to be very loved by everyone who knew him.

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I've merged the individual contestant threads into one current contestant thread for the moment.  If discussion of any one contestant becomes enough to warrant its own thread, we'll revisit the issue.


For now discuss any and all of Andi's guys here.

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There's no way Tasos isn't...you know.



Oh sure there is. There are so many guys these days who *read* stereotypically gay but aren't. I almost feel gaydar is becoming a thing of the past.


Kudos to Andi for getting rid of the guys with the most egregious hair catastrophes. I wouldn't be able to get past those Prince Valiant haircuts either. Someone really needs to sit down the doctor and the bartender in particular and explain about the hair.

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As I said in my post, I got a distinctly Miami Vice vibe from that guy's get-up. Previews lead us to believe that he makes it at least a few more weeks and/or gets an early one-on-one date, which is mind-blowing.

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