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  1. Semi-fun additional fact I just learned about Everything Sucks: according to a h.s. classmate, Patch Darragh, who plays the principal, went to my actual high school (Ernest W. Seaholm High School, the coolest) and graduated 5 years before me. Which makes me feel even older than this show already made me feel, so... thanks, show.
  2. Interesting; I didn't know that about Oregon. Thanks for the info. As I said on the podcast, I'm sure homophobia was alive and well in ALL high schools in 1996, but I can only go on my experience growing up in the Detroit suburbs, where the homophobia was a bit more subtle (but just as insidious).
  3. eteffi

    Is SMILF A Problem Child?

    Only two?!
  4. eteffi

    EHG 165: The Lowdown On The Lowe Files

    I can't believe I'm about to say this, but... I wholeheartedly agree with Dave on a Canon submission. By Season 6 of The Office, I wanted Pam and Jim to get their snooty, condescending asses right out of Scranton and off my television screen forever (which is a nicer way of saying I wished they would straight-up die in a fire). They were THE WORST and I hated their schmoopy wedding and dumb pregnancy. My hatred for Jim and Pam was especially sad for me because I so cherished Seasons 2-5 of that show (i.e., up to and until Jim and Pam got together and turned into a-holes). But at least I know at least one other misanthrope (hi Dave) sees things the way I do!
  5. eteffi

    EHG 164: A Quartet Of Summer TV Forcenings

    Yes, I didn't have time to mention the untimely death of Dermot Morgan. Frank Kelly, who played Father Jack, recently passed away, too (on the same day as Morgan, which is weird). Good old Ardal O'Hanlon is the only one of the trio still kicking around (and Pauline McLynn, of course). I also love Graham Lineham's comedy. I'm so glad we have three seasons of Father Ted to cherish!
  6. eteffi

    EHG 164: A Quartet Of Summer TV Forcenings

    Oh, duh, right. I mistyped. But yeah I grew up halfway between Maple and Big Beaver.
  7. eteffi

    EHG 164: A Quartet Of Summer TV Forcenings

    I actually grew up off Maple, which I guess is technically 15.5 Mile Road? (I'm from Birmingham). Woo hoo Metro Detroit!
  8. eteffi

    S13.E05: Week 5: Norway

    THANK YOU! :)
  9. eteffi

    S13.E05: Week 5: Norway

    I'm not sure, actually, but the editors are moving a lot of the written content to podcasts. I'm just a contributor, so I am not privy to the business decisions that go on behind the scenes.
  10. eteffi

    S13.E05: Week 5: Norway

    The people who produce the content you're complaining about do read these comments, so try to keep that in mind when you're slamming our work. Also: Jeff and I are the only two people in the entire history of Previously.TV who have written about this show/franchise, so your speculation that the "good writers" quit or moved on is a bit off-base, considering that we're the writers who produced the written content you seem to have enjoyed, as well. If you have a productive comment about the content of the podcast, I'd be happy to hear it! Take care.
  11. eteffi

    S05.E03: Leuh & Justin

    Related: http://www.theuglyvolvo.com/10-unique-baby-names-so-adorable-youll-want-to-have-another-kid-just-to-use-one/
  12. eteffi

    S05.E03: Leuh & Justin

    Then again, the blogger's own name is McKinli and her husband's name is Devan, so... at least they come by it honestly? Also I don't know how I let McKartnee and Nykee slip by unremarked upon, but my fingers can only type so fast.
  13. eteffi

    S05.E03: Leuh & Justin

    Tara, I started to read your post but then got sucked into the vortex of "that poor idiot's blog," as you so aptly put it, and oh my gaaaaaah. Here are the other names she was considering for her unborn child before she settled on Lakynn: Taylee McKarty Nayvie Maylee Kamree Nykee Taislee Taigley Tenley McKamey McKartnee Tayvie TAYVIE. I CANNOT.
  14. eteffi

    S20.E09: Week 9

    Yeah, no. "(To) cheer" is a verb. "(To) cheers" is not. You wouldn't say "my brother cheerses for whoever is winning." I stand by my original statement.
  15. eteffi

    S02.E08: Episode 8

    Just want to throw out there that a lot of the info about bullying at Columbine was overblown in early reports. Harris and Klebold were not bullied in the same way that Taylor was, certainly, and Harris, at least, was a straight-up psychopath, so I'm not loving the parallels being drawn here (http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/nation/2009-04-13-columbine-myths_N.htm). Bullying is certainly a problem for other reasons, but I am not sure why this show is pushing the bullying --> school shootings line, when that's not really borne out by evidence. (https://schoolshooters.info/sites/default/files/bullying_school_shootings_1.1.pdf)