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S06: Milk

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I wanted to love her, because I love a queen who ain't afraid of the avante guarde or the unusual.  It just seems like she's got some good ideas, but no execution and no way to explain her ideas.  Milk seems to be in a box and if she only dipped out of the box here and there to accent her ideas, they could translate to a larger audience.  Bitch needs a little Nesquick.

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I see Milk going out in this next episode. It's a real disappointment since I thought she'd be a sort of continuity between Sharon and Alaska into this season with a little more genderfuck sprinkled into the mix. Milk, however, has turned out to not be quite as clever as I pegged her for before the season began. I really ahven;t seen any great evidence of Next Drag Superstar Level ability in any of her performances. The greatest problem I have with Milk (and I'll admit ti's my fault for comparing her to Sharon and Alaska) is that she doesn't seem to have a wide berth of pop and subcultural knowledge. With Alaska and Sharon, you always felt like they knew the reference, that at anytime they could site three characters or films that influence the look and actions of the character they've created.

Snatch game really help confirm this for me. Julia Childs was a great choice, but she seemed not to know anything about her. I'm thinking Milk could have used Child's height as a joke since she's also super tall herself, done something with a raw (plastic or rubber) turkey or chicken, and since Childs did things that were relatively flashy or strange for the home cook of the time could have run with that theme and go full on Gallagher Sledge-O-Matic with it. So many missed opportunities. Also, as far as her Ru Runway look, there are so many genderfuck/club kid looks of early Ru that could have been used that match Milk's aesthetic and would be shocking to see and I'm sure would have delighted Ru. Workroom Ru was just lazy and looked like the Six Flags old man anyway.

Milk has the drag, just not the references that go with it.

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Milk has the drag, just not the references that go with it.


And that's why her drag fails for me. The pregnant drag? Missing follow though with the character. She should have mocked a few of the actresses who have done very pregnant RC appearances. Her Julia Childs Snatch Game drag? No bite. She could have gone full Dan Ackroyd SNL Julia or at least had flour or a rubber chicken and made jokes. 

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Milk, however, has turned out to not be quite as clever as I pegged her for before the season began.


Yep. She isn't witty enough to back up her visual act.  But then I cringed at her runway walk as Ru, so I guess I don't like her at all. She can sashay now.

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It was expected but I was still pretty bummed out she got sent home. Milk was definitely at the bottom of the pack as far as drag goes but she seemed like just a genuinely nice person who never had a nasty thing to say about anyone. I would have loved to have seen her kick Darienne's ass in a lip sync.

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Poor Milk. I had pegged her as a possible winner but knew the "busted Paris Hilton on crack" realness she served this week wasn't going to cut it with the judges, especially Santino. I did like her spot-on workroom RuPaul though, for all it's worth.

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