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Battle Of The Network Stars - General Discussion

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Not sure if it was just a good distraction from worrying about parents in Florida but I really enjoyed the past two episodes.   Watched them both on demand today.  

All the competitors seemed to be having fun and enjoying themselves.  The announcer who talks a lot sure likes mentioning every one age.  Poor Deirdre   I thought they changed her name to 69 year old.    

Baywatch is one of those shows that's been on forever and I don't think I have seen one episode.   Chris (?) baywatch guy who jumped in pool was very charming.  Did he say he dated Pam and Carmen?   

Parker was very cute back in the day.  Daisy Duke is still very pretty and has a beautiful smile.  

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On 7/13/2017 at 11:42 AM, Kromm said:

The point in previous posts here about this seeming like it's in a vacuum is similar to stuff we were saying about Episode 1.  The reason the original worked wasn't just because they were famous people. It's because as cheesy as it all was, there was a sense of energy. Large teams. People on the sidelines. A sense this was an event, even if a contrived silly one. It was like a company or extended family BBQ but with stars, and without the food. It was FUN. This version, with 5 people teams, no onlookers, and with all of the fun of a dentist visit isn't cutting it for that very reason. Who cares how famous they are? We have to know them, and that's enough, but that shouldn't by itself give such a feeling of smallness to what we are seeing.

The original show was fun to watch and you could tell the teams had fun too.  This reboot is terrible and many contestants are way out of their element.  The teams don't seem to even like each other.  It's as if they climbed over a fence to shoot this with the lack of spectators.

On 7/13/2017 at 0:40 PM, Rinaldo said:

The original was two hours long, just once (sometimes twice?) a year, and the stars were no joke, in TV terms. Sure, Gabe Kaplan and Ed Asner and the like, but also Tom Selleck, Gregory Harrison, Lynda Carter, Jaclyn Smith, et al -- people who were main attractions in their own shows and were attractive and athletic. The various events were substantial and challenging: aquatic relays had 4 legs, whole games of volleyball or whatever were played (edited down for viewing, but still substantial. And then there were the ridiculous items (no more than one in a competition, though) like dunk tank or Simon Says. Of course the whole thing was cheesy and silly, and that's why we who remember it loved it. But it's no good doing this half-hearted gesture at a version: it's just no fun, and fun (certainly not "who wins") is the only reason for watching.

You are right.  The annual or semi annual showing made it an event.  The teams were fun and the events were more challenging.  This reboot was very sad.

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On ‎8‎/‎18‎/‎2017 at 9:00 AM, icemiser69 said:

At least he didn't have a jet black hair dye job.

No, he had a really bad brown one !

On ‎8‎/‎18‎/‎2017 at 9:00 AM, icemiser69 said:

Do not like the unmatched teams and the random "celebrities" they come up with. 

I don't think they could get anyone else.

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I have only seen the last one. Chose it because I really like John Barrowman and Julie Benz. It was mildly entertaining but I recall being much more impressed by the original episodes. Possibly because I was back in high school back then and more importantly, without computers and social media, it was about the only opportunity we had to see stars of the small screen spending any time together. I think our constant access to their real lives has taken away the magic. Of course, the participants are much older and probably wouldn't be covered much on entertainment websites or Twitter anyway.

I did really enjoy seeing John and Julie compete though, and great to see Parker Stevenson again. Viveca Fox is awfully annoying though. A little bit of her goes a long way. Would have liked to see more of a focus on the coaches too. I really liked the Troublemakers coach, not sure what I've seen him do before.

Fun timewaster but don't think I would bother watching another one unless a star I really liked appeared on it.

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