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S01.E09: The Book!

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I liked this one alot.  Having Joel and Eric going to the paranormal convention and Shiela and Abby having a mother/daughter day.   Joel and Eric have great chemistry together and work in a makeshift father/son roll.  It makes sense that Eric would post stuff about Shiela on the internet and it would upset Joel but then it would be just that that would be what gets the "real scientists" attention and not the fake.  I also enjoyed how it ended by making Eric so famous with these paranoid types.

Shiela and Abby were great too with their increasingly wacky adventure and finally their heart to heart.  I really do think the four of these characters all work for me.  Which is rare in a sitcom.    There is usually a main character I just can't stand.  Which is a big reason I don't like sitcoms.

Hi Portia de Rossi!  

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My god, this show is so incredible. Derek Waters! Joel 'taking' Eric in! So much fun!

"I just wanted to spend a nice day with my daughter and set a good example. What the FUCK happened?  I should at least stop cussing. That's not even that fucking hard."

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Enjoyed seeing more of Sheila and Abby together and bonding (but not "mother/daughter" stuff.  Thanks for ruining that, pervert!).  I'm glad they're a little more open with each other, and I do think Abby will grow up the be an awesome person, despite all the craziness.  I mean, who hasn't gone through a  whole "stole a guys bike and jacket that says pussy magnet" phrase?!

Joel and Eric were surprisingly fun together.  I like how different they are, but Joel is still been better to Eric then Dan ever was.  But my favorite was Eric trying to teach Joel how interact with the rest of the geeks.  Watching Timothy Olyphant pretending to be geeky was a sight to behold!

Portia de Rossi is involved in all of this?  Hmm.... 

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As much as I enjoy Abby and Eric's friendship, I liked seeing him with Joel. It was just nice to see him spending time with a guy who wasn't a total dick to him. And even better, Eric was teaching Joel about his world. The role reversal was nice since Eric is so used to being seen as the weird one who doesn't fit in.

Heh, so Lisa and Ann are definitely getting it on! After being married to Dan, she deserves some - well, happiness might not be the right word, but something good!

I enjoyed Sheila and Abby's mother/daughter day of tear gassing the wrong people and using Raffi to torture people.

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