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S01.E02: We Can't Kill People!

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I liked this one even more than the first episode. Drew Barrymore is a good fit for this character - she has this determined cheerfulness that fits the role perfectly.

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Patton Oswalt!  Always down for a mini Justified reunion.

So, Sheila now can't actually eat raw animal meat or even already dead human meat either, due to getting a "taste" of Gary.  Interesting.  I wonder how she and Joel will decided who she gets to feast on.  Will it just be someone they don't like?  Or will they try and find a "bad person" (a.k.a. a criminal or someone to that nature), and have that be her meal.  Sort of like Dexter.... if Dexter Morgan ate his victims instead of just killing them!

The one cop that is snooping on them is so going to be an eventual victim!

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Ok it took me this episode to recognize the neighbor as Carlos from Desperate Housewives. Why does he look different? Did he have a mustache on Housewives? Can't remember 

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In my opinion, yes, Drew often sounds like she's reading lines. I think it's partly because she tends to speak more slowly and because she has a slight lisp. I think in some roles, it seems less unnatural, but for a comedic role like this it seems a little out of place.

I love that Eric the neighbor kid is so nonchalant about his next door neighbor being a zombie and he's totally fine with helping them bury the body. I think he would have reacted the same way even if he didn't have a crush on Abby.

I'm also glad that Abby's initial bravado is fading and she's worried, which seems like a realistic reaction.

One thing that bothered me about Joel going to see the virologist (Constable Bob!) was that he gave him his real first and last name. Never do that when you're going to talk about zombies and bring organs in a ziploc bag, Joel!

The other thing that bothered me about that scene was that when the doctor said, "Wichita? Like Kansas?" Joel reacted like he'd never heard that before. Mr. EB has a name with a very common association so he gets asked the equivalent of "Wichita? Like Kansas?" whenever he meets someone, so I find it difficult to believe that Joel seemed to have never heard that before.

Sheriff neighbor needs to have a seat. I don't care what you think you saw in your neighbor's yard. If you don't have a warrant, stay the fuck out of my yard!

ETA: King Robot Baratheon - HA!

ETA2: I just realized that Wichita isn't Joel's real last name so I retract what I said earlier!

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