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  1. LittleGreyCells

    S01.E08: In The Game

    If Patrick is in the FBI he really doesn't have any money, right? So why did Maddie say they would take his money? And why would the Doctor tell them to con a guy who clearly has no back story at all? Is this a twist? I really like this show and hope it hasn't jumped the shark with an excess of twistiness.
  2. LittleGreyCells

    Chicago Justice

    Not too bad for a first episode. Couldn't figure out why they were holding the trial in the Field Museum. We do have actual courthouses here in Chicago.
  3. LittleGreyCells

    S01.E02: We Can't Kill People!

    They should move to DC.
  4. Didn't care for the ending. I watched this show because it was a light-hearted look at some very self absorbed people who nevertheless had some endearing qualities. Now that they've killed someone, I'm not sure what to think. But I can't imagine any fun way out of their predicament.
  5. LittleGreyCells

    Indian Summers

    I'm still in GinnyMars!
  6. LittleGreyCells

    The Durrells In Corfu

    What else was Keenly Hawes is? She's great. Humor and wonderful scenery will keep me in. Anything to help me get though the upcoming weeks of pre-election horror!
  7. LittleGreyCells

    S08.E07: Airing Your Dirty Laundry

    I haven't seen Bethenny since The Apprentice with Martha Stewart. Her face is a disaster!
  8. LittleGreyCells

    S32.E10: I'm Not Here To Make Good Friends

    AND HE TOOK JASON'S IDOL WITH HIM!!!!! So good. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed an episode that much.
  9. LittleGreyCells

    S01.E06: Yoknapatawpha

    Bentley - I hate him because HE CAN'T GET A FREAKING HAIRCUT!! It looks like some alien chewed his damned hair off.
  10. LittleGreyCells

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I'm not all in but I'll watch one more time. I've never seen the lead actor in anything before. He's really terrible! It's like he can't control his facial expressions - he's always smirking during really dramatic scenes. And his hair is just bad. I'm hoping that it's meant to show despair and as he gets more involved in the resistance he'll clean up some.
  11. LittleGreyCells

    Is 'Trophy' The Perfect Episode Of Law & Order?

    I love Laila Robins.
  12. LittleGreyCells

    S07.E10: KSR

    I hope the season (and the show) ends with Alicia's trip to rehab. She's drinking pretty much straight tequila, seemingly every day and usually by herself, and stirring it with her finger. Those are not good signs.
  13. LittleGreyCells

    S01.E11: Inside

    This show is so bad that I'd rather come here and read people insulting it than actually watch it.
  14. LittleGreyCells

    Getting On

    It's a rare show that can make you feel all the emotions for all the characters - love, hate, pity, exasperation. Often in one episode.
  15. LittleGreyCells

    S07.E08: Restraint

    Why isn't Grace in school? She's always at the apartment. Hasn't anyone at her fancy school noticed that the Governor's daughter has apparently dropped out?