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Comic Strips Daily/Weekly Catchall !

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Because surely there are folks here who'd like to celebrate/vent re the latest twists and turns of 'Blondie', 'For Better or For Worse', 'Curtis', Baby Blues' 'Sally Forth' or even 'Peanuts Classics',etc. How about it?

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OK, I guess I'll start this ball rolling by stating how furious I am at the developments of "Sally Forth" in recent years. She started out life as a smart, bold and take-charge business person who didn't let anyone take advantage of her and called them on it if they tried to pull stuff on her but in the last few years we've seen her obnoxious mother steamroll over her (and Ted) by mooching off them months at a time and dissing Ted, guilting Sally into playing happy family re her flaky sister Jackie hooking up with Sally's obnoxious ex-boss Ralph,etc. The OLD Sally would have told the old bat where to go and to buzz off but this new one just seems to want to keep peace at all costs even when it clearly means everyone else has a one-way street to steamroll over her.  Then there's how pathetic her daughter Hilary has become. The OLD Hilary was also smart and could make some good one-liners. This new one is self-important for no reason and thinks herself a LOT smarter than she is- and gets upset when folks don't behave the way she expects them to.

    Then the last few weeks, the strip really went out into cloud-cuckoo land by having Hilary INSTANTLY know via a psychic bond that one of her friends has feelings for Hilary's ex boyfriend that Hilary herself had dumped months ago- and worse getting a 'visit' from her 'future self'.  Yeah, yeah, I know it's a comic strip , blah blah blah, but it used to based on real situations with characters one could imagine relating to and wanting to know. Now, it's too pathetic. 

   Any comments?

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On Sally Forth, I've got nothing.  My paper only started running it a couple of years ago, so I have no context, and these days the only newspaper comics I reliably read are the Sunday ones which are usually out of continuity from the dailies.

OTOH, does anyone else here read Prince Valiant?  Does anyone have any speculation on whether Karen is going to want to stay with Giovanni after the Soul of Asia storyline is completed?  I saw some folks say (on the UComics thread) that she didn't look all that enthralled when they were reunited a couple of weeks ago.

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OK, yesterday's Sally Forth just got me boiling! Her daughter Hillary got mad at her friend Nona for actually having their band play before the school so, rather than just find a way to beg off, Hillary accused Nona of covorting with Hil's ex( whom SHE had dumped), then when Nona denied that they'd been anything more than friends, Hil asked her if she was interested in him and when Nona couldn't deny that, THEN (in spite of Nona needlessly apologizing all over the place), she dumped on Nona and virtually spelled out that their 'friendship' and the band itself was done JUST so Hillary could get out of playing before the school. Man, I REALLY hope someone ( like her mother) calls out Hillary for that stunt and takes up for Nona.

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I only read one daily comic strip, Luann.  My avatar is from the strip. 

I used to post comments at GoComics, but the site is unmoderated and some crazy people drove me away.  So I plan to post my thoughts here.

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Lookin forward to seeing how TheRippaverse comics books  takes off . There's been considerable number of comic books readers who aren't interested in the "new" woke direction that's being interjecting into the Marvel and DC comics, and others. Time will tell . 

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Anyone have any of the various Peanuts book collections?

I have the very beginning 1950 to 1952. And 1965-1966, arguably a golden age, from when the first Christmas special was made and where some of the material was sourced from.

The characters were very differently drawn in 1950, almost minimalist. And Snoopy was, at that time, just a dog, though he would evolve, naturally.

If you're a fan, I recommend these. The two volumes I got I bought via eBay, but I have since bought a Kindle edition of 1955-1956, and little Linus seems to come slowly into his own there.

Although I will say Charlie Brown was a wee bit more optimistic with his 1950 self, and Patty [not Peppermint Patty] and Shermy were front and center then. We see how they did a fade. Just interesting to see the origins.

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On 10/26/2023 at 11:17 PM, WendyCR72 said:

Anyone have any of the various Peanuts book collections?

I haven't read Peanuts in years but saw the newer collections really cheap on eBay a couple years ago and almost considered it.  I agree that they are a must read for fans.  For something like Peanuts, chronological is always best in my view.

As a child I would spend hours reading through all of the many collected editions that were available back then.  I would consume as much Peanuts related media as I could find, such as the television series, holiday specials, movies etc, and try to find as much information about Charles Schulz as possible.  I was a fan.

I think I always preferred the earlier years, back when Snoopy was just an ordinary beagle, and Patty and Violet were around.

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5 hours ago, Tenshinhan said:

I think I always preferred the earlier years, back when Snoopy was just an ordinary beagle, and Patty and Violet were around.

Actually seeing those years for the first time was really something.

As the 72 in my username denotes, I was born in 1972, so by the time I got invested in Peanuts, Snoopy was already well into Red Baron/Joe Cool territory and Patty was just a peripheral character. [Poor Shermy was barely even that, except in the Christmas special.]

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