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Pick Your Favorite Character!

Who do you like best   POLL OPEN

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I tend to almost always judge a show on the quality of its female cast so this one is top notch for me.  The women are awesome.  My favorites are (in this order) Android, Five, Two.  I still haven't warmed up to Nyx yet.   Of the men I think my favorite is Three.

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Three for me. I tend to warm up to female characters easier, but Two is kinda too guarded for me to enjoy her. Three is a character type I tend to enjoy, plus the actor grew into the role well enough.

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I voted for One, without him I would say Android. 

New comparison:

One, and  Medic:  D'Artagnan

Two, and Nyx:  M'Lady De Winter

Three:  Porthos

Four:  Aramis

Five: Constance

Six:  Athos

If the poll was for least favorite, I would say Three definitely.

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I'm surprised to say it's Three because I started out hating him. I thought he was going to be this show's Rodney McKay (RIP Stargate: Atlantis) who I loathed every second of every appearance he ever made and had to stop watching Atlantis because of him. But where I never stopped wishing someone would pull out a weapon and reduce McKay to a smoking heap of component elements, I'm enjoying Three for how becoming a member of a team has eaten into his brash "me first" attitude and how that occasionally confuses him. Also his sense of humor. He's still scary underneath by nurture but also a nice guy by nature. He's developing quite nicely.

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I can't pick one. And I think that's a credit to the show. 

One of the reasons I picked up this show is because I like Roger Cross. And I still like Six, but I grew to like the rest of the crew as well. Except for One, but he's dead (for now).

I also thought I wouldn't like Nyx intruding on our merry band of misfits, but the last couple of episodes won me over. (It doesn't hurt that Melanie Liburd is gorgeous.)

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