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S01.E06: Deeper, Deeper, Deeper, Still

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Are those tradigrades everywhere? Funky looking guys.

There are more atoms in your eye than all of the stars in the universe. There has to be a drinking joke in there somewhere.

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Atoms! Loved it! I still remember when one of my professors drew a globular cluster on the board (yes, a blackboard-I'm that old)

It looked like an atom and that's when I truly saw how connected everything in the universe is to each other.

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Blackboards aren't that outdated. I'm 24 and they were everywhere when I was in grade school. :P

It's always fun to ponder the scale of the universe though. Stars and planets are fun to learn about, but there's way more cool stuff happening at the microscopic and sub-atomic level.

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As many shows as I've ever watched on this subject, it was news to me that there are more atoms in my eye than all the stars in the universe. 

Billions and billions....OK, was just having a flashback!

When Neil went to the first day on the "Cosmic calendar" and stood at the edge of time like it was a boundary, I thought, "He's at the edge of his dew drop".

Heck forget drinking, this stuff would probably be much better with some weed...Reminds me of the pot smoking scene in "Animal House".

"That means that our whole solar system could be one tiny atom in the fingernail of some other giant being.  That means one tiny atom in my fingernail could be one tiny universe".

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