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  1. DeeJayKay

    S01.E01: AKA Ladies Night

    I've watched the first episode. Maybe power of suggestion, but I wanted a drink afterwards. Thank goodness I had some good hot chocolate mix.
  2. DeeJayKay

    Audio Adventures: The Big Finish Years

    Tennant is an accomplished voice actor. He has worked with Big Finish before, and has done both drama and comedy for BBC Radio. He has also done some marvelous audiobooks (I am personally waiting for the next Dragon book). He has voiced several cartoon characters and won an Emmy for that skill. As for Catherine Tate, I know she read somel Doctor Who audiobooks, but am not familiar with other audio work. I am not concerned with their abilities.
  3. DeeJayKay

    The Pulse: Jessica Jones In The Media

    Marvel.com/nycc2015 Marvel is live streaming New York Comic Con. On Saturday will be the Netflix panel from 5-6:15. (Feel free to doublecheck me!) (And I will be working. Ah, well.)
  4. DeeJayKay

    Broadchurch in the Media

    Thought I'd mention that Broadchurch 2 just won the prestigeous inaugeral Yahooie Award (yeah, really). And Chris Chibnall let slip that he was writing the script for series 3. It also won the British popular vote award TV Choice Award (Tennant - also a winner, Dooley, and Myles were there), and UK press does seem to assume that filming starts next summer.
  5. DeeJayKay

    A Jewel In The Distance: Jessica Jones Anticipation

    They had me at Tennant, and I am sure he will creep us all out. I must have seen Kristen Ritter in Veronica Mars, but honestly do not remember her! I have a little time to go back and look. I have not read the comic books. However, although far too violent for my taste, Dardedevil was well scripted with really good performances and dragged me past the parts where I wanted to squeeze my eyes shut. So - high hopes for this. (Although I may want to shut my eyes occasionally here, too.)
  6. DeeJayKay

    S04.E06: Episode 6

    Ah, faux square dancing. Well, at least as far as I knew it in the sixties. There were lessons! Graduations! Clubs! Complicated steps. My Dad was a caller and I loved me a good "Sides face, grand square." Yup, square dancing for those who don't know how, as portrayed on TV. American and British TV. Makes me laugh. And did those nurses just whip up those clothes? I am beginning to think they all have walk in closets somewhere in Nonnatus House.
  7. DeeJayKay

    S02.E07: Episode 7

    Obviously Joe did not testify because (levity, snark warning) the glass in the dock was all that was protecting him from the angry laser eyebeams of Ellie, Hardy, Beth and everyone else in town. If he got on the stand, he'd be toast.
  8. DeeJayKay


    Well, I doubt if Ronnie was alive anymore, since there were wasps buzzing in the house. And how is burning the house going to prevent wasps from escaping? And why drag the mammoth outside? I'd think they'd burn the shed, too. And Yuri drilled a hole to a mammoth graveyard. This cannot be good. I think Fortitude needs an exterminator. Actually, what with flamethrowers, perfect hospital rooms for every eventuality, and miraculously developing a test for infection, why don't they have a handy exterminator? I was distracted ... did the little girl live, or do we know?
  9. DeeJayKay

    S02.E06: Episode 6

    I think we understand that Joe's arrest cost Ellie Miller dearly. She lost her family, left her job, feels her reputation is in tatters. In parallel, we now know that Sandbrook did the same for Alec Hardy. He lost his family, his home, his reputation, his health. Ellie's trying to pull it together now. At the same time, Hardy is, too. The surgery he so feared. And listen carefully to the tone of his voice when he says, "I miss you, Tess." (Early on, telling Tess he's made a will, etc. Near the end of that scene.) It speaks volumes about his damage and his hopes to fix it. And Ellie has Tom back, but look at Hardy's smile as he speaks to his daughter. He knows he has her back, too.
  10. DeeJayKay

    S02.E05: Episode 5

    Whoops and I had just rewatched the episode. Got the timeline jumbled.
  11. DeeJayKay

    S08.E19: The Skywalker Incursion

    I am a woman. I have a TARDIS hanging in the time vortex of the stairwell window. Had some fun a while back chatting with some Storm Troopers about someone's homemade TARDIS that was on display at a craft fair! It's really gotten so mainstream except in AU Big Bang verse. Now, back to figuring out to which cons I can take my granddaugter.
  12. DeeJayKay

    S02.E05: Episode 5

    Remember that Ricky did not seem to know where Lee was, and Hardy did not tell him, so Hardy had no reason to think that Lee was "in danger" (altough Ricky seems to vibrate not-nice, possibly dangerous). So once Hardy had his will done, he got a cab and went to see Lee, probably just to question him. And the fight was ongoing when he got there, so it hadn't been long since Ricky found him (probably bumped into Ollie and asked him!)
  13. DeeJayKay


    Well, that certainly answered lots of questions, but... Sad GAAHHHHH!
  14. DeeJayKay

    S02.E05: Episode 5

    We did not SEE a body, although it's an easy assumption, as we don't know where Lisa is. Pretty horrific assumption, too. That's not Hardy's way. He'd rather wither you with sarcasm.
  15. DeeJayKay

    S02.E05: Episode 5

    Uncle Alec remembering Fred's name and pushing him in his stroller. Hardy offering comfort to Ellie by trying to put a hand on her shoulder. Hardy trying to make conversation with Jocelyn and offering advice. What is WRONG with the man?