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S01.E02: The Cap Table

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I always liked Gabe in The Office and It's nice Zach Woods playing a similar role here.

I'm really enjoying this show, not just because I'm a fan of Mike Judge's stuff but also because I recognise a lot of the characters in this show from my time in the IT business.

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I flove this show. How adorable was Richard at the bank. He's so sweet and humble. And I loved his takedown of the greedy colleagues that wanted him to fire his best friend, and how the best friend saw that and is now spying for him. Great development.

It all feels so accurate to me, but mainly I am just fasinated by a nice guy who's smart and decent. I mean, that just never appears on TV, and it's a difficult character to portray, and Middleditch owns it.

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And I loved his takedown of the greedy colleagues that wanted him to fire his best friend, and how the best friend saw that and is now spying for him. Great development.

Heh. I like Big Head. He follows "They're giving me a $600,000 annual salary." with "I can move out and get my own apartment!"

After the scene at the bank, it suddenly occurred to me that HE will be the one with the disposable income in the near term, which has got a lot of good story potential.

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I loved this episode - huge improvement over the first one! Agree that Richard seems sweet and humble, which is rare not only on TV but also in the actual SV. I hope the show doesn't turn him into an asshole. 

And yes, you need to make big bucks in the SF Bay Area to even afford your own apartment. And a decent place to buy would be in the seven figures.

The only character I don't like is Ehrlich (sp?). He's written like a caricature, and it's hard to believe that he'd built his own business and sold it for an amount that made him independently wealthy. If he really had that experience, he should have been the one to help Richard with the business plan and the financials, not Gabe from the Office (apologies, it usually takes me half a season to learn everyone's names). Speaking of whom, I find it hard to believe that he just started working for Richard without negotiating his share and title beforehand, especially as he walked away from a cushy gig at pseudo-Google.

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I took Earlich to be someone who is yesterday's success story; he made his fortune and lived it up. Meanwhile everyone has moved on, now he's essentially living on his past glory, hoping one of his so-called buddies strikes it big so he can continue the ride on their coat tails under the justification that 'he made it happen'.

While he should be helping Richard with business experience, it's clear he has very little to offer and he knows it. His free rent 'incubator' is the only thing keeping the others around and as we saw with big head they'll turn on each other and move out at the first opportunity.


And yes I've forgotten his name too, but Gabe ought to have negotiated a deal first, but I'll put that down to he probably did but they didn't have time to put that in the show and wave it by.

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I think Ehrlich is supposed to be someone who got very, very lucky - he had a decent idea during a bubble, and got way overpaid for it. He got enough to live off of for a long time, but not the rest of his life, and he knows he's never going to get that lucky again, so he's trying to latch onto someone else who either has talent or is also going to get very, very lucky. So he presents himself as someone who succeeded, but he knows it's not true, and really, so does everyone else, but they put up with him for the cheap rent, and the possible connections.

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