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Halt And Catch Fire's Third Season Gets A Premiere Date

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Worth it for the Joe McMillan/"Mean Jerk Time" joke alone. :)  I think the move to Tuesdays makes sense, too; it does seem too many shows pile on to the Sunday bandwagon, which leaves me rushing to catch up in the first half of the week, and with too little to watch in the second half.

I had just read this article on the AVClub mentioning the head to Silicon Valley for season 3 (and came here, to find this thread).  In one of the pictures, besides confirmation that Bos is definitely still around, there's a "MUTINY INDEPENDENCE DAY" banner that mentions a sizable 100,000 users; it appears (hopefully) that "Halt and Catch Fire" isn't going to make the mistake of the other Silicon Valley TV show, and waste our time with yet another fruitless season of struggling startups in overcrowded houses. If they can find a way to keep the show interesting even as they apparently have some financial success, that'll be great.  I enjoyed but was at times frustrated with season 1, then found season 2 generally well written and acted, and the characters- especially MacKenzie and Gordon- more engaging and fleshed out.


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