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S03.E11: Bringing Up Bradley

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Time is flying and the Bates’ first grandbaby, Bradley, is turning one! Kelly Jo and the girls look for gifts, but their outing goes overboard and quickly turns into a shopping spree. Lawson puts his best face forward at a photoshoot for his new album. Later, the family gathers for Bradley’s birthday party and Whitney shares a big announcement.

More Bradley please.  That kid is such a doll.


Lawson and Carlin have a cute relationship.  She's easier to tolerate when she's with a more laid-back sibling.  Lawson's right about her being very photogenic.


Has anyone ever tried these ice cream balls?  Fun for the kids, but I wonder about the taste of the ice cream.



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i think i've known people that have done the ice cream balls. i think they said it works really well. 

the taste would be the same as any simple ice cream maker.  so if it would taste terrible it would have to be user error lol

i'm more surprised they are that sturdy to kick around.  Must be really hard to get the ice cream out if you can't break it open in the center. 


I hope those photos of Lawson can be mocked up.  Otherwise they would provide for a super cheesy album cover.

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While the ice cream balls are fun, it seemed kind of questionable to me to have kids touching them with their shoes, rolling them all over the floor and then placing them on the counter and touching them as you scoop out the ice cream. I mean I think Zach was clean about it -- used a scoop to scoop out the ice cream into a giant bowl so it's not like the food was touching the parts that had rolled on the ground for the last hr -- but still . . . seems odd.


The party and Bradley were cute -- not much to say about that. Liked the promo for next week where Nathan sits down in what appears to be a family meeting and says it's time to ask Ashley to court, does anyone object?? I hope he was just kidding about the objection part bc who is a sibling to say who their brother can/cannot date or marry. Though I am guessing he was kidding -- everyone has seen the chemistry with Ashley. It'll be good for that family to have some diversity -- sure she's fundie, but a New Yorker and half (?) Hispanic or Puerto Rican -- so I think that'll bring another element to this family.

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I've done the ice cream balls with my Girl Scout troop. They are incredibly sturdy/heavy and it was a good way to get them all active and involved with making the dinner/dessert. They also make more ice cream than you think. Not enough for a Bates sized crowd but just enough for  an 8 girl troop with 2-3 balls.

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