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  1. Maybe TFDW helped Jill not to make it tacky? He did a great job as the wedding coordinator for his own wedding. He's got a gift I tell you!
  2. I'm severely disappointed! SHEESH I brought a new long denim skirt from Michael Kors ( who knew MK made fundie long skirts??) at Ross just for Nurie Almost A DUGGAR'S wedding. I was expecting a big gaudy dress from the Sondra Chelli reject pile along with big tacky bridemaid dresses. What went wrong Jill? You couldn't have really stepped up and made it tacky as hell? Maybe you'll do better with the next kid up.
  3. Happy wedding day Nurie! Can't wait to see what your PimpMomma has planned. I'm sure it's truly fabulous aka tacky as hell! And happy intimate touching day to Nathan. Don't screw it up! ** Edited to say I really hope that Nurie gets the wedding SHE wanted not what her famewhore mother cooked up for her. These poor kids have suffered enough. May she go on to set up her own life and prosper.
  4. From that one picture it looks like a foreclosuer home that took a beating from a storm? Nathan looks so much better now that his ache has cleared up. And I bet they can't wait for that all important "intimate touching" once they push Jill out of the way from her pushy picture taking.
  5. Of course, she will along with an invitation for Nurie's wedding that would welcome everyone and anyone because grifting can't happen without advertising.
  6. Pickles has a post about Jill allegedly starving her children. I hope it gets some major severe attention for someone to come in an take a good look at how the children are taken care of.
  7. Question since we are on the topic of names, why did Erin Bates name her newest blessing, Holland?
  8. A guy that I thought was dangerous with his posts of all his guns and his fundiness. Jesus doesn't like killers. Not that he was a killer but he was beyond cray looking. JMHO
  9. Why is one of G's little foot so much bigger than the other? Looks swollen and bigger in size too.
  10. Stop it now I have to think about all the allowable "intimate touching."
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