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  1. I don't think she is mentally ill as much as she is an attention whore. Losing the baby is her "story." With her "story" she gets a lot of attention. She has nothing else going on with her life and she will cling to all the attention she can get. She didn't marry a Duggar to NOT be in the spotlight. Her "story" goes with their belief system that all life is precious, etc. And I think the cake is creepy as hell. Who does that??
  2. I've been missing for a while but I'm here now because I NEED to see what Pimp Momma Jill will be wearing to Nurie's wedding. How many bets that she will be wearing a tiara?
  3. Kelly once said that she would steer her children into believing that marriage is between and man and a woman. (something to that effect) I saw the video.
  4. And once again I feel so bad for Michaela. She was the one that wanted a handful of kids and she can't have any yet. Must be heartbreaking to see everyone get pregnant on their honeymoon.
  5. Pimp Momma Jill is probably salivating over the fact that Lawson is available. I bet she goes to sleep every night dreaming of ways to get close to him to push one of her girls his way!
  6. I was about to say the same thing. Can we take up a collection to send her a box of flip flops and some proper shoes?
  7. I can't see Jill saying a WORD being so close to her precious Nurie becoming a practical Duggar err I mean Keller. Jill is about to enter into Fundy Royality status, (in her dreams) she's not going to mess that up!
  8. Isn't that another name for Margaret? Margaret is close to Marjorie, I can't see it. lol Josiah is the male version of Prissy, I guess I will marry him if I have to, Waller.
  9. I completely agree! Marjorie was fun and I have the sense that she loved to learn new things. Lauren is hard to read but it does look like Josiah isn't as happy as he was with Marjorie. Perhaps he loved hanging out at her house learning Spanish and desktop publishing.....now what does he do all day?
  10. Someday, we'll see Josiah on TV announcing that he is divorcing his wife and is indeed gay. It shocked me when Elizabeth Smart's dad just announced but I won't be the least bit surprised when Josiah does it. I still feel sorry for him after all these years. He had no much potential and would have made it through a reputable college if he wasn't bullied into staying home and following Boob's path for him. Sadly, I believe he was forced to marry Lauren even though I don't think they have anything in common because it made good TV. My girl name ideas are: Lordess or Lortesssss
  11. For as much fun of we make of Jill's clan, I'm actually happy that Nurie has found a decent guy her age to marry. At least she won't become Tabby Paine and be forced to marry a rapist because she was starting to age out of the eligible men pool.
  12. And I actually like it. It looks really good on her!! It looks so fresh and modern.
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