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  1. I don't have a pastime of staring at Stassi's boobs or anything but I was also thinking they looked much larger than usual. Perhaps she just hides them well in regular clothes? And she has gained weight (a good healthy weight) so maybe they have gotten larger again after her reduction.
  2. I'm all for Amber making Alex try things at least once but the haunted house is a big NOPE! I don't care how lame they all thought it was, I don't do haunted houses either and I'm 36. And how awful of that person to run after him! I did go on a haunted hay ride a few years ago and I was not prepared for how in your personal space the 'actors' plan to be. But thankfully we had a little girl really freaking the eff out so they nearly all broke character to make sure she was ok. And she was even excited to go on it. But I am thankful for her because it made my trip much more pleasant lol
  3. Probably- he always acted like the head honcho and always had to be in charge of yelling at people to come out of their house. He screams of the nerd who got bullied in school that decided he wanted to become a cop and thinks now that makes him cool by default.
  4. For awhile they were actually filming new officers training in actual stops and cases so that might be what you were thinking of. It was a little bizarre to watch but I guess they have to learn somehow. So I think it's Nye.... where every officer looks a little goofy (but nice) and one guy was the dopiest of them all and now suddenly he's sporting a beard, backwards hat and civilian clothes with a 'detective' vest. I mean he's actually kinda cute now.. but I can't forget how dopey and needy he was to be cool. Did he get a promotion?
  5. Was I the only one that said "omg he finally signed the release!" - but this makes much more sense. The guy should just sign the release and make some money though - his face is plastered all over the internet. So I'm not a mom... those that are mom's... is what Chelsea kept doing in the car normal?? Do you just pull over constantly to try and appease the baby? Can you not just keep driving and get to your destination and then try to handle it? Just honestly curious. Because that seems very overwhelming and distracting.
  6. I was kinda really impressed with the drawing of it. And I bet any other polyg wives would LOVE to be able to have that house. Most that we see are pretty depressing. I hate to say it but Robin was right. The kids don't have any connection to the Flag staff house so they won't be that eager to visit. My parents moved to a different state when I graduated from college. I used to visit them about once a year or two but it's been years now since I've actually gone to their house. They visit me about 3-4 times a year so that probably helps. They still have friends in my hometown so wh
  7. Their reasoning was that the finding rental homes there were hard to find so Christine's only option During one of the talking head segments with all the wives. Kody was not on the couch when she said it. I was confused at first too because i thought there is noooo way Meri will agree to having a 1 bedroom. but Meri's has more than one bedroom. We didn't really see the 2nd floors so her additional bedrooms (maybe only 1) were not shown on the main floor plan.
  8. Yea it's a little heavy handed. But finding an eyebrow pencil for blonde hair is so hard! I bought some stuff that comes in a little pot and it's lasted me forever. Now that I'm making a pretty good dent in it I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of it. I do not want to be part of the super dark eyebrow and light hair trend.
  9. That was a sad but really sweet moment. I'm almost sure they were shown a picture of Blue Steel. For legal reasons they probably couldn't show it on the show? And I really hope Jeremy had Jinger watch it after they had to film about it. No one should live without having seen Zoolander. I was so excited when Zoolander 2 showed up as an option for me to watch on a flight home one time lol
  10. That was such a bizarre statement. Like oh hey, now they're actually helping (and probably not financially) I'll be nice and take you off child support. Is that even possible!?!? If someone is court ordered to pay support can the custodial parent terminate the order at whim??? I feel like that shouldn't be a thing. With most grandparents I know... they love their grandkids even more than their own kids (my parents included lol) They will do ANYTHING for their grandkids. So I give the Linds major side-eye that they can't get their heads out of their asses about how their son is a pi
  11. I think if they can keep it going and treat it as a real business (unless the Teen moms who roll out their shops and then lose interest in a few months) I think it could be a long term thing for them. They have enough fans that it should take off at first - they just need to keep with it
  12. But wasn't it only Christine and Kody saying the variance could be that large? I thought the Dr. said the variance could be a couple degrees either way so it was possible it was still a 42 or go back to a 42. Then Christine said she wanted to call it a 39 to make herself feel better.
  13. But that's usually how it is with 90% of women. The hairstylist can always make it look better. But I like Meri's wavy hair. Probably because I'm struggling with my own, that used to have pretty good wave and now suddenly it wants to be half straight and half wavy and part frizzy. She'll do as most other LLR consultants have done that got out.. she will start selling another brand.
  14. I actually gasped when they showed Ysabel's xray. You can't even tell anything is wrong with a shirt on. What's kinda weird is that at first Ysabel said she was doing so good.. doing the exercises for 1.5 hours every day. And then after the appointment she said she wasn't doing them as much as she should have. Crappy editing maybe? Yea I doubt they would have a basement. I meant my parents new 1500 sq ft house will have a basement and that extra storage space helps a lot but I still think a 1500 sq ft house with no basement should be plenty for Meri. Now I, myself,
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