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S05.E23: Music Instructors and Fire Sprinklers

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A service that helps people find and hire music instructors; a way to stop accidental fire sprinkler activations; a battery charger made using fire and water; all-inclusive project kits; an update on a past investment.

Original airdate: 4/11/14

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It made me happy that the Ava the Elephant woman was continuing to do well.  And between the stock swap and the selling of NoteHall to Chegg, I'm betting Barbara has been one of the most successful Sharks just in terms of return on investment.

I thought the couple with the train was adorable, but I have no idea how they got a deal.  

And I have to give mad props to the (hot!) firefighter for turning down Kevin and Lori's bloodsucking offer, particularly since Lori was willing to do it taking a lesser extension until Kevin browbeat her up.

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That firefighter made me swoon. He seems like a great inventor . I can see why the sharks would think it would be a lot of work to sell his invention, yet Kevin could have been more generous in what he was willing to pay to take that much equity. 

I wonder how wide the paths are in some malls to allow trains through. I was surprised when those guys said they get more business seasonally and that it goes all around the mall. Maybe it's a regional thing. I would think one of those trains in a New Jersey mall in December would be a disaster waiting to happen. Angry shoppers, crowds, and a slow moving train getting in everyone's way? That wouldn't work out too well.

Anyone else wondering if those episodes with so many bad pitches were because they were saving the good ones for later in the season? I know they tape a lot of pitches at the same time. It feels like they were holding back early on in the season.

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The fire fighter was very impressive.  I am bummed that he didn't get a deal, but I hope he succeeds with his products.

The mall train guys were interesting.  I was actually at the Roger Williams Park yesterday and I saw one of those trains in operation!  It was really cool and it seemed like the kids were really enjoying it.  That being said, I don't think I would pay $3 per ride.  That seems kinda steep for a 5-minute train ride to nowhere.  I wish them well too but I don't really see the need/use for their product. 

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One of our local malls has had a train similar to that one for at least 5 years, if not longer. It seems they only drag it out when they have an event at the mall, which is ridiculous. I don't see how there is anything, as Kevin always puts it, proprietary about it. Seems more trouble than it would be worth, really.

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I thought those mall trains had been around for ages. I remember riding one as a kid, and so does my boyfriend. We couldn't figure out how this is new?

The entrepreneurs admitted that it's not a "new" concept, but an updated one.  According to them, the fact that the train ride is trackless is what makes it different.  I personally have never seen a trackless train ride like that before so maybe they're right that it's the first.  Still, there's nothing proprietary about it as someone else mentioned upthread.

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I feel like I have seen trackless ones also, and ridden on them as a kid. But I think they were all child sized. Maybe the new thing is that adults could fit on it too? It's hard for me to swear to the details but we both thought we'd seen that exact thing before at malls.

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My mall in GA has a trackless train that fits both kids and adults. I has been there for at least 5 years so I am not sure that their concept is new. I always worry that the train is going to run someone over, because people are always trying to dart in front to get to where they need to go. I think they charge 3-5 per person.

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I've seen those trains too in the multi-level indoor malls in NY.  The ones I've seen are just a few cars and go super slow.  They should do them in the outdoor malls. I might hop aboard to get to the parking lot.

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