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S02.E12: Going Viral

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When residents of New York City cannot reach the police when calling 911, the Cyber team realizes this is an airborne computer virus that is infecting cell phones and must find the hacker responsible. Also, D.B. meets a woman after responding to a mistaken text sent by her.



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Corn flakes -- breakfast of champions, and murderers apparently.


So some hacker co-opted the 911 services.  I'm sure this isn't the first time this has happened in NYC.


How long did it take everyone but Raven to get to New York from D.C. ?  Seriously, the body was still at the construction by the time Elijah showed up -- unless the whole team was already in NY for a convention or something how the hell did they get there so quickly ?


Seriously, Krummie and Lil' Bow Wow couldn't figure out that was a recorded voice on the fake 911 operator.  Seriously ?  It sounded canned from the get go.


By "airborne virus" they mean it's just malware transmitted by Wifi -- uggh !!  And the CGI special effects showing the spread of the "virus" is pretty kickass -- except for the whole fact that Wifi connections are basically point-to-point, they don't really go around corners in a cool way.


And the techno phrase of the week is 'default password' -- FFS !!  And it is never mentioned ever again.


DB states that this "virus" will definitely cross state lines -- who writes this shit ?  Does the "virus" really care what state it is in ?


Oooooh, the Mayor of NYC has issues with Lil' Bow Wow being on the team since he hacked the NYSE, but Avery shuts him down.  And she gives the Mayor an ultimatum -- that she is going to take her toys and go home if Brody can't work on the project.


Wow, Lil' Bow Wow finally figures out that the 911 operator voice is a recording.  Way to go Brody.


How did a former 911 operator become an uber hacker producing code the likes of which Lil' Bow Wow and Krummie have never seen before -- in just a year's time ?


So this guy is addicted to 911 recordings -- talk about your niche fetish -- and decides to re-create the situations of his 3 favorite calls. WTF ?  This makes no sense.  And they never explained why he killed the people who owned the house he lived in ? Did they piss him off or were they just convenient ?


This whole scenario made no sense whatsoever.

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The thing with this show dipping its toes--or sinking in up to its neck--into Criminal Minds' pool is still an odd fit, IMO, but there you go.  Take that away and this would have been an almost textbook CSI: Miami episode complete with teleportation, time dilation, and a backstory oriented sub-subplot (Brody, Mayor Cavanaugh, and that still-missing $8M USD).  Flip side, it actually invoked Steve Perry's Foolish Heart (in actual and in lounge form), and for that alone...yeah, it earns a total pass for the week.

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Kind of an odd story line BUT the ending was just aces!  I've always has a thing for Kelly Preston (especially after she starred with Kevin Costner in For Love of the Game).  She is still quite the beauty. Seeing her show up as a potential romantic interest for DB was nice and using Steve Perry's brilliant  "Foolish Heart" in the background was perfect.  It's a number that is always on my playlist and I can listen to it time after time without tiring of it.

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DB is a pig at the end. Realizing he approached the wrong woman and the one who sent the text is gray haired so she can't be sexy, he not only opts for the obviously beautiful younger woman, but laughs.

So DB has this "heart to heart" with Raven and he determines that the mysterious text sender must be a woman about his age.  Then he goes to the bar--ignores the only woman that is "his age" and heads straight for the babe who is at least 15 years younger.

Not that I blame him for hitting on Kelly Preston but he sure dropped that "about my age" crap pretty fast.

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I was okay with the initial plot but thought making him a knife weilding, violin string garrotting serial killer was OTT. They should've stuck with him orchestrating the murders virtually.

The only other thing that bugged was flashing "New York City, NY" and "Washington, DC" repeatedly, because it's "New York, NY"--at least that's how I've addressed letters to my middle daughter there since 2001. But then maybe that explains how they were able to travel at warp speed between the two; maybe "New York City, NY" is a virtual "New York, NY" that exists in a parallel universe next door to D.C.

Was Raven's hair a wig? If not, it was really nicely styled.

DB is a pig at the end. Realizing he approached the wrong woman and the one who sent the text is gray haired so she can't be sexy, he not only opts for the obviously beautiful younger woman, but laughs.

I have gray hair. Hers was either platinum blond or white </nitpick>. Anyway, Kelly Preston is 53, so if that is now "the younger woman," I'm okay with the progress. And DB is a silver fox with a face lift, so... But I agree with your point that the little chuckle they shared seemed to be in part a reference to the other woman not being hot enough, which seems childlishly cruel. Edited by shapeshifter
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