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Watch A Sneak Peek At Season 3 Of Penny Dreadful

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One problem with separating all the characters is the difficulty of getting them all back together. If they do it quickly, it will seem like an arbitrary reversal. And if they do it with the rather overused device of a long time jump, it will still seem odd that these people can't stay away from each other. Plus for some of us it will seem very much like a cheat. 


So, the series shouldn't bring all the characters back. Murray fits with Vanessa his daughter (literal?) Bronastein as woman is the devil is much too popular a trope to forego, which includes her boy friend Dorian, at least until she trashes the portrait. But the show has demoted Frankenstein from mad scientist Modern Prometheus to Nice Guy villain. These are a dime a dozen, trivial. Once their Nice Guyness is unmasked they are merely contemptible, and wholly uninteresting. Dude should go. Ethan/Lawrence has confessed his crimes in hope of dying for them. This doesn't really seem to leave much room for anything but angst, which isn't terribly interesting. His ex Vanessa, who now has come into her own as the reincarnation of Egyptian sex demon, shouldn't be damseled any more. 


Except that the previews seem to be damseling her anyhow, and seem to be ignoring the meaning of Ethan/Lawrence's confession, and seem to be turning Frankenstein into a victim, which not only continues to give him a pass for the creation of life appropriation of god-like powers, but undoes the Nice Guy villainy! 

Patti Lupone as Seward suggests they're bringing back Drac, but he's got to be less of a foe than Satan. The only thing the preview suggests they've stuck with is Bronastein. Woman is the devil is very popular but it's not something that appeals very strongly to me personally. 


Of course I'll be watching, but I'm not sure where they're going. It may be the consequences of open ended serialization are starting to catch up.

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I think it's hard to pre-judge a season by a few minutes of promos. I'm looking forward to seeing where the writers go with this. Could it be a disaster? Sure. But it also might go in some very interesting directions.

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