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S02.E03: Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang

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From IMDB: "Beaver hires Veronica to investigate his stepmother, Kendall, who he believes is cheating on his dad and planning to clean him out, but both are shocked by what they discover. Meanwhile, Wallace begins dating Jackie, against Veronica's advice."

The sail boat of sadness kills me. I'm not discussing Kendall and Logan because ew even though I do still love seeing Charisma Carpenter have a job. This one has some great twists and turns.

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Much as I like seeing Charisma Carpenter have a job, I'll never get over how squicked out I get whenever I see her with Logan.  

There's some nice twists here, and probably my favorite scene is between Veronica and Kendall when she swaps the iPods.  I don't know why, but I love that scene.

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This was a good one. Future business leader man's choice to postpone early retirement exclusively out of moral fiber is way sad, though he's a little creepy anyway. Selling the iPod switch was pretty impressive. Poor Cassibeaver: rarely does disliking your stepmom bring your whole life down.

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I liked this episode a lot :)  Really strong showing by everyone.  But yes, eww to Logan and Kendall. Though, Dang, Charisma C. looks amazing (I know this was 10 years ago, but still) and I agree with Veronica: her ass looked amazing haha

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I really love the moment when we see VM "silently" talking to Kendall - it really sells the whole "ditzy blond" shtick she's playing there. And feel really sorry for the teacher, who has to be one of the few honourable, honest men in Neptune (though if you're looking to retire, you really don't want to invest all your nest egg in one company, even if it isn't built on fraud!).

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Yeah, definitely feel bad for the teacher, and his willingness to go down with the sinking ship.


Great that Cassidy's dad knew immediately that it was bad for any PI to follow his wife, and not because she was cheating on him.


Logan and Kendall both have great bods, gotta give them that.

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When Logan says “didn’t plug her right the first time” to Duncan, is he referring to the time at Shelly Pomroy’s party? If so, he deserved being punched for it. 

Though overall I hate seeing Veronica all lovey dovey with Duncan, especially while Logan is suffering.

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