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  1. I have to say, I'm not going to miss Campbell or Tank (I'm assuming that's the end of Tank, at least for a while? I'm not sure). Campbell's departure seemed bizarrely sudden, but I also realize that they had no idea what to do with that character. And wouldn't it be great if Daphne could stay single for like a second?
  2. As someone upthread mentioned, this episode definitely cooled down on burning through story quick. I appreciated the fact that after the premiere (which still didn't totally feel like a premiere, but whatever), this episode allowed the characters to sort of sit with their situations a little bit more. Maybe nothing super dramatic happened, but I enjoyed that. We need a break from the high melodrama. I'm glad to see the show starting to explore Jude's relationship with Connor, but my heart breaks for both of them, because the cynic in me thinks that it isn't going to end well for either boy. And while I feel like Jesus and Emma's story line in this episode could have been handled with a lighter touch (it got a little hamfisted, yeah?), I really liked seeing Emma be in charge, speak her mind, tell Jesus what she likes, etc. Of course there are more subtle ways to do that, but aren't they like 15/16? That part, to me, felt authentic. Plus, how often do we see a girl on TV/in movies take charge like that? Not often enough. The jury's still out for me on the whole Callie/bio-dad thing. But I agree with @Scootman that the end-game is Callie and Brandon finding ~true love~ with each other. But maybe the show will surprise us?
  3. Well this is the best thing I've seen today.
  4. I think we're going to have to agree to disagree here. Definitely didn't mean to offend, though.
  5. While I agree with you here for the most part, are we to believe that Emmett is 18 yet? Is Matthew? I don't know a ton about the laws regarding this, but if that was a naked photo, there are some serious legal repercussions if they are not yet 18. Many states have laws that can label a minor a sex offender even if the sexting in question was consensual. I wonder if that's where they're going to go with this story? Maybe I'm over-thinking it, though.
  6. Yes, this. She's mentally ill--and a predator, and I can't imagine that the show won't deal with that in a real way. I know that the drama has definitely been ramped up, but this is also a show that has not shied away from some very real, very hard stuff. I loved the moment where Lena explained to Stef about Mariana's hair and related it back to her own youth. I think one of the things that this show does so well are those little moments between characters, and I'm always so happy to see characters talking about race/ethnicity and identity in real, accessible ways.
  7. Thanks for that really thoughtful response! You've made me think about that scene in a completely different way than before. And I agree--the showrunners are committed to a certain amount of depth with the series.
  8. It was mentioned in the previous episode's thread, but yes, there's a reality to the fact that the house was perfect for five people and is now maybe feeling a little snug. This is incredibly clear (and incredibly real) when Jesus and Mariana struggle with the fact that they're going to have to share their rooms with Callie and Jude, for however long the two are with the family. Part of what this show excels at is the very real moments between the characters, and the best moments are when the core members of the cast are interacting with each other. On rewatch, one of the more compelling parts of this episode was how clear a struggle co-parenting can be. I love how much the three parents struggle with how to deal with Brandon's actions, and how to deal with each other in doling out the consequences. Also, something about Lexi really bothers me. I can't figure out what it is, but I never warmed up to her the first time through, and it doesn't seem to be going well this time, either. Every time she's on screen, I'm like, "You're the worst."
  9. I think Lena and Stef might be my favorite couple on TV right now, even with the ridiculous drama the show veered into in the last few episodes of season 1. There's some great warmth and humor between the two of them. I love it.
  10. It feels weird being the only person posting here, but since I watched the pilot again yesterday, I figured I'd get my thoughts down before they leave my brain. So these are the things I was thinking as I revisited the first episode: When I first tried to watch the show, it was the night it premiered (I'm a big Switched at Birth fan), and I was so put off by Callie's angry-girl attitude that I didn't make it the entire way through the episode. I'm also incredibly guilty of being a distracted TV-watcher, so I'm sure my laptop was open and I was reading stuff at the same time. But this is a show that I feel like begs to be watched without distraction. There are genuinely great blink-and-you-miss it little moments between the characters, and giving the show my full attention really changed everything for me. That being said, it's still a pilot episode, and there are things that felt heavy during this one. I still think Callie comes off too too in this one, but it's easier to understand where she's coming from now. And yet. There are moments that clunked for me. When her new teacher asks the class, "What would you do if you suddenly woke up and found yourself living in a nightmare?" felt a little too on the nose for me. I like to play a game called "What color are Mariana's fake nails this week?" and it never disappoints. That girl loves her some nail polish. Also, there was a nice moment here that gets reflected in the season finale, . It was nice to pick up on it.
  11. I like it enough to keep watching, for sure. I'm happy to see a largely female-driven comedy on the air, and I love the concept of the friendship. But whoa, did it take me a long time to place Lindsay Sloane.
  12. When I saw the promos with Mark in them I was filled with an excited dread. I love him, but I don't want Sarah to blow it again!
  13. I actually kind of agree with you. As much as I love Emmett and Bay together (but hate the hashtag #BemmettForever or whatever), I also found myself rankled at Emmett's "I don't think I'll ever find what I had with you with anyone else" bit. Romantic? Sure. Melodramatic? Absolutely. True? I doubt it. It's normal not to forget your first love, but there's something about this obsession with TRUE LOVE in high school that's starting to really bum me out. But I will take issue with your other observation: Emmett should be an important part of the show whether or not he's with Bay, but it's like the show runners can't figure out what to do with him if he's not with Bay or helping Bay. It's too bad, because I think Sean Birdy is pretty amazing and want to see him do other stuff, but I feel like lately he's been largely wasted here. And yeah, Bay not wanting to sleep with Tank last week but totally getting on-board for some outdoors sex with Emmett this week sort of proves the point: Bay and Tank should have stayed platonic! This part of Sarah's review made me laugh out loud:
  14. It's never too late to talk Switched at Birth with me! I still maintain that Bay and Tank would be more interesting as friends, but it's too late for that, obviously. And yes, everything you said about Angelo is true. I continue to feel like he doesn't fit into the larger plot.
  15. I finished watching the movie today by myself via digital download but have plans to drag my boyfriend to the theater to see it tomorrow. I actually clapped when I finished watching it, and my puppy (who was not as excited about the movie as I was) looked at me disapprovingly. Apart from that, I agree with nearly every single thing that @Dougal said. I'm sure I'll have more thoughts on it the more I think about it, but I'm really, really looking forward to seeing it on the big screen tomorrow. With an audience of other humans and not a sleepy puppy.
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