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  1. I had placenta previa with my first child -- two years ago -- and when the bleeding occurrences would happen, they generally stopped when the cause (ie, walking 5k or too much physical activity / lifting heavy items/ etc) was lessened/stopped. She seemed to have been dancing pretty hard core, but it's been what, a week now? The bleeding should have stopped. I will say this, stress wouldn't continue the bleeding, from my experience.
  2. Who was in the car with Gabriel when he left? Someone sat up in the backseat.
  3. LOL i think i could have said seamstress to make it more clear :) Sorry!
  4. Can you explain what you mean by that? I'm not looking for a quarrel. I really don't understand Sansa. I just meant that she seemingly meant she sewed a dress & a coat for Jon in what seemed a very short amount of time. Just a bit of levity in a dark episode.
  5. Worried about Sansa trusting ANYthing that Littlefinger says. Sansa is a super fast sewer. Liked Dany and See Jorah's moment. Meh about the new lord of light priestess. Not sure about this Arya storyline. Sick of the unnecessary direwolf deaths :( Edited to add that I loved Tormund and Brienne. So much. And that I was happy to see Yara and Theon working together.
  6. Disclaimer: I am five months pregnant but I was a sobbing MESS by the end of this episode -- and may be tearing up REMEMBERING the dang thing! (Also sobbed during the past two NCIS LA's i have been watching. Just can't pull it together!). Loved the Jr/Sr interactions. I figured the women were in cahoots from the beginning as well but not the suicide. I just figured they each shot the body once; not knowing which one was the kill shot was how they "passed" the poly.
  7. I loved when Jenny stated, "oh my god i am just loving imagining them calling each other 'babe'"!
  8. I may have cried a few different times in this episode. The love I have for these two real life besties is ridiculous. I love everything they are doing.
  9. Funny!! But I missed the last minute or two because the recording cut off. What did Beatrice and Lillian say at the end?
  10. His former GF cheated on him, if i am not mistaken.
  11. Here's a screen shot of the image of phone (link to page) and i think it's a younger him with what looks like a tortoise behind him? (some say) Or perhaps it's something interesting that I don't see (it COULD be a rock formation? I dunno) and it was an interesting trip or something that he is fond of seeing. http://www.afterellen.com/tv/442877-rizzoli-isles-subtext-recap-6-05-requiem-senior-criminalist/6 Oh, as for why I think Maura was seemingly disturbed by the picture/phone is because it was on her, the Chief ME's desk, not on a workstation. Meaning he was in her office, sitting at her desk doing something. As for the PD questions, he may have been messing with Maura again but I think he might be interested in Jane.
  12. This show is not great but I do love watching. A couple things I noticed, or maybe just this one that hasn't been mentioned: Christine told Junior, in regards to his pick of mate that was in the birthing barn, she won't feel much pain or something to that affect. So will the women helping with the new queen die or be harmed in her "birth"? Anyway, the show is stupid. Loved Barbie and Julia in their previous shows much better. But I have to admit publicly I was happy she got through to him. I just like the pretty people happy and together. Shallow of me but I do. Though Babie and I will have some words about him kicking Indy away. Just no. Bad Barbie!
  13. I knew him from the Oceans 11 movies....and some other random roles. as for the killer, Cocobeans: it was some drug dealer if I recall. I knew Cousin Carlo from somewhere but he wasn't on IMDB. I swear I saw him on an episode of Who's the Boss maybe?
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