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S02.E16: Breast Greedy


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A woman whose had her first nose job at the age of 12 undergoes rhinoplasty; at the same time, Dr. Dubrow helps a patient who wants to retire her enormous breasts; and the docs are left speechless by a very unique individual.

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I can't believe that the nose lady's mom let her get surgery at age 12!!! And I can't believe the doctor even performed a nose job on someone who is 12.

Her nose does look a lot better. Paul did a great job.

I feel like there are too many boob jobs on this show. I would like to see more of Paul's work.

Elle looks so much better without a lot of makeup on her face. Her boobs looked better, but she should have gone a little bit smaller.

I don't understand why a lot of these women want giant breasts. My boobs are big, and honestly, it's a hassle and not very comfortable.

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Agreed that Elle looked better without the black eyeshadow. She really is stuck in the Pamela Anderson mindset. I wonder if she ever hooked up with Dr. Nassif?

The franken-boob lady looked great for her age but her personality would scare off anybody in a hot minute. Dial it down already sister! That was really weird how Terry kept pulling random pieces of silicone out of her breast.

The nose job woman got a great result! I wasn't expecting her to look as good as she did. Paul did a miraculous job.

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A lot of girls I went to school with got nose jobs in middle school. Badk then, middle school was 7th, 8th and 9th grades so some of them were 12. Over school vacations it was popular to get some type of procedure done. When I say a lot I mean a lot to the point where it was common to hear that someone had gotten something done. But then these were kids whose parents were well off. There was a total of 13 African American kids in total there. We were not bussed in (that started a few decades later), we simply had a choice of which schools to attend. So we made friends with a lot of the kids and were privy to that information.

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Did the weird boob lady also have work on her face at the the time of taping?. Her face was misshapen and by the end of the episode she looked like a completely different person. My guess was she had cheekbones and maybe a face lift.

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I thought that Lanique looked great for her age, but in that very generic plastic way.I thought she was wacky, but fun.


Hopefully, the lady with the nose job also was keeping some therapy. Like Dr. Nassif pointed out, she seemed depressed and like she had a lot of deep-seated issues that needed to be worked out. The improved nose was just the icing. She looked really good afterwards, though.

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Waited for them to mention Candace's craniofacial dysplasia, but no mention ever came. 


I realised early that I couldn't with Elle, confirmed by the TH at the club begging Dr. Nassif to "give me a chance."

Because, like, seriously you guys? I just really need to be a rich mans wife already?


These women on the show in their 50's and 60's who are so over the top cheerful, syrupy sweet, bubbly and giggly make me sad.

At least Charo is getting paid.  

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