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  1. The thing that confused me was the Morgan murder and J dressed up as Dexter Morgan.... one of three possibilities come to mind: 1) J figures out why Smurf gave him power of attorney - to use him and his clean record for her money laundering business. His convo with Morgan confirmed to him that they were setting him up as the fall guy. 2) Morgan was stealing from Smurf and J saw his chance to strike. 3) He saw his opportunity to try to beat Smurf at her own game. All seem plausible. But his “use” of the Notary Public in nursing home, etc seemed like red he
  2. Right. But also, doesn’t Pope still think that Lena is (possibly) his daughter? Her mother basically left that as a possibility as well. She said something like his “problems” and her dual involvement with Baz was the reason she never told Pope. She told him that before Smarf demanded that he kill her.
  3. He can thank his mother. In the first episode, he was walking around the apartment from one room to the next, as his exercise and his mother told him "not to over do it.". It's not hard to see that he thinks basic walking around the apartment is "exercise" and over doing things, hence, the reasoning to stay in one spot.
  4. Yes, the unicorn cakes were a hot mess. Lol. I actually was scared for the judges since they had to taste those underbaked cakes. The salt/sugar mix up was... Yikes!
  5. You know, I haven't been able to stay awake to watch the episodes over the last few weeks. I was bored to sleep with this family AND the lady with the kids they followed for 12 years.
  6. One thing that really annoys me is when the patient says, after walking out of the office, "well, I don't know what to do and just need help." But, seemingly forget that they just finished talking to Dr Now AND his staff about what they need to do. It's never clear to them that they have the info they need but refuse to do it because it's not what they want. There are no magical steps, just hard work and a larger degree of self control.
  7. Glad to see I’m not the only one that thinks the writing on the episodes have been really poor this season. so why hasn’t Rollins been suspended or released from her job? At this point, she clearly needs a very long break.
  8. Salad is the first thing MOST people think is lower calorie food when they want to lose weight. It can be, until you pour a bottle of salad dressing on it and add all of the “tasty” toppings. It’s always a little shocking to see entree salads at fast casual restaurants are anywhere from 600 to 1500 + calories depending on toppings. That at being said, one commonality between every episode of this show is very few patients eat vegetables. Just imagine if every “snack” they had between meals was a bag of veggies instead of processed, pre-packaged food. The general lack of fibro
  9. They had a center like that in NYC on a previous show minus the luxury aspect. A number of patients just snuck food in and eventually got kicked out of the program. I think that show was the forerunner to Dr Now.
  10. This! She's really needs to work with a therapist. This really was an episode that they should have used to cover 4 separate "Where Are They Now?" folks with 30 minutes each.
  11. I'm still trying to figure out how the homeless man took Ramon's bike WHILE he was riding it. Also, who exactly was "Henry" that slept with Ramon since the dirty homeless man said his name was Henry Bergin.
  12. Lord, this show really has no one to root for, huh?
  13. Glad to see I'm not the only one that's lost in what this show is supposed to be. At this point, just watching to see how they tie Ramon to Dr Shokrani.
  14. I think in order to sustain the money laundering storyline, they HAVE to take over the used car business at some point. I'm thinking it was never fake money and Rio just rolled with this explanation without fully explaining his business.
  15. So why did she agree to do the show if she wasn't planning on even trying to follow the program? She really could have stayed home and followed a internet based diet.
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