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S21: Kim Zolciak: Get Wiggy With the Real Housewife

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And that would be disgusting.  I sure as hell would not want my employer poking around and playing doctor when MY OWN doctor gave me clearance. She is obviously taking the risk. ABC doesn't take any risk, they have no soul they just want ratings.  It was better for ratings to kick her off than to have her stay on, they don't give a crap about her health.


It isn't unusual for employers to request second opinions (even if it is just to review medical records) from company approved doctors, so I do not think it is unreasonable for ABC/BBC World to request a second opinion from one of their own doctors before medically clearing Kim.


There’s a reason why you have to go third party/company doctor for worker compensation and/or disability claims.


And ABC absolutely was taking a risk if they let Kim dance when she wasn’t medically cleared by their own doctor (I believe that it is in the contract that the ABC/BBC World medical staff and not the contestants personal doctor has to deem a contestant medically cleared).


And yes, ABC/BBC World is about ratings; that's why the made the announcement during the live broadcast; however, I do not believe that they 'don't give a crap' about Kim or anyone else's health.  I think ABC/BBC World cares very much, they want to put on a good show, and not known for putting people's health at risk (risk here being different than the normal bumps, bruises, sprains, and strains that are part and parcel of any physical activity).


That being said, I do wish her well and hope for a speedy recovery.  She needs to NOT worry about a silly dance show and concentrate on getting well and being a mother to her six children.

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