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S02.E13: Addee & Ellie's Pool Party

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Gil teaches Josie how to play tennis; Kelly takes Trace shopping; the whole family celebrates Addee & Ellie's birthdays with a pool party.

I love that Gil & Kelly make a sincere effort to spend one-on-one time with their kids.  It doesn't seem phony or set up for the cameras like it does with, ahem, other families.  


I wonder if Whitney's parents left the house before everyone invaded.  They seem to prefer not to be on camera.


LOL at Gil buying two cake mixes instead of two cakes.  That is such a Dad thing to do. 

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Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I don't get UP, so I watch the clips online and they did have the Gil/Josie & Kelly/Trace segments. The one-to-one time was more natural, especially Kelly & Trace's shopping trip. He was taller than the rest, and she noticed he needed pants. A practical, but nice way to spend some time together versus a forced "let's pretend I'm a good mom" moment.


Also love how Gil is admittedly a weeper, and his kids gently tease him about it. 

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Kelly indicated twice that the pool belonged to  "Whitney's mother." Not her "parents." I know that she is dealing with her bio parents  more these days (her father was at Bradley's birth), but I think they may be divorced. 


I think showing them on camera would just be too confusing, especially since Whitney's ADOPTED parents played such big roles at her wedding (adopted father officiated with Gil). Whitney does have an Instagram collage pic with her bio parents (in different frames) dating back to last Christmas, but other than that, she hasn't showcased ANY of her parents at all. 


Her backstory is sooo confusing! 

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I'm confused as well. I thought her bio parents died and she ended up in foster care where she was eventually adopted by her current parents. If her bio parents' rights were terminated there must have been some serious drugs or abuse going on in the home, which doesn't jibe with a mother who can afford a house with a nice big pool and several outbuildings. I'm totally lost on this one.

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I don't have time to rewind, so can someone tell me where that tennis court was?  Another expensive thing borrowed from someone?  Many towns have free tennis courts, but that doesn't seem to be what they were using. 


Notice they said they needed a private pool.  Unsaid were the modesty issues.  They would have to avert their eyes at a public pool.

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I hope the Bateses aren't like the Duggars where someone offers the one-time use of their pool for a special occasion and they interpret the gesture to mean they have carte blanche to park themselves there all summer.

Regarding the tennis court, I think it was public.

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I don't understand modesty swimwear at all. I saw one girl with a swim dress and leggings underneath for the pool party. I didn't expect for the girls to wear bikinis, but the layers seem odd and uncomfortable. I think I saw a couple of boys in jeans, too.


Whitney has posted pics on IG of her at the pool with Erin and some of the other Bates kids so I assume that her parents are okay with the Bates using the pool if Whitney is there. Kelly seemed very uncomfortable (and I would be, too) with the idea of making the birthday cake in the home.


I had to laugh at Gil getting two boxes of cake mix. When did he think Kelly would have time to bake the cakes since it looks like they left for the party right after Gil came home from the supermarket?

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