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Colin Mochrie & Ryan Stiles: International Relations

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In tonight's second episode, the guys' were doing "infomercial". For a Dating Kit! Greg Proops  removed his glasses and Wayne could not sit upright!  Catch the episode (with Kat/Cat Graham from The Vampire Diaries) however you can.  Also, in the first episode tonight, with Verne Troyer, the "Living Scenery" was interesting.

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The two of them really have great chemistry as a pair. Bringing back sound effects and informericial was great. They just need to add Improbably Mission and the Film Noir narrationg game back to the show and all will be good.

I watched all the UK episodes with either or both Ryan and Colin last year or two years ago. So good. I can see why they added Ryan on basically full time so quickly and I can see why they paired Colin up with Ryan.

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I've been watching old clips on youtube and what I find really funny is in the scenes where they are selling a compilation of songs, Ryan will always set up something very obvious and Colin will go completely off on a tangent with the sole purpose of destroying Ryan.


My favorites, among the ones that worked and Ryan completely lost it, are Arctic Tern and Tapioca. 


But my absolute favorite is the one that didn't.  Ryan somehow got a beat ahead of Colin and Colin interjects "we're watching animal porn".

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As I am going through the episodes on a binge/note-taking session, I want Ryan to get a nicer intro once in a while. He's had two seasons of butt-monkey-esque intros, so I hope he gets a nicer couple in the upcoming season.


I may not think all of the tries are great, but I love that Colin jumps into the Scenes From A Hat first. It seems to be either Colin or Wayne.

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