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S01.E10: Thanksgiving

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This is on my list of top favorite episodes, and probably the one where I suddenly realized that this was a series I was going to not just like, but love.

I'll concede that the bits about Amy's bad cooking stretched the bounds of even this comedy reality too far. So set that aside. But everything else was gold. Terry's hunger, Amy's sadly grandmotherly apartment, her eagerness to please Holt, Boyle's foodie resourcefulness saving the meal, Jake's toast to his "weird family," and Jake & Holt on a case together -- "Barley and Jimes are on the case..." -- "My wife was killed by a man in a yellow sweater!"

But those aren't even the best part, which was the cold open. Boyle Bingo was just rapturous, and kept on giving. It was made all the sweeter by the way it wasn't really mean (thereby raising it way above the foul treatment Garry/Jerry/Larry gets on Parks & Rec), and he himself saw the humor and joined in -- "Here, I'll just fill that in for ya."

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Amy: "I have to practice my toast."  Jake: "God, how long is that?"  Amy: "8 pages."  Jake: "Single-spaced?"  Amy: "Double-sided!"  Jake: "Santiago-style!"                                                                                                            

I love that exchange at such an unhealthy level.  Perfectly describes Jake and Amy's relationship.

But, yeah: overall, this was one of the best.  Hungry Terry was hilarious with the way he kept getting more upset as the episode went on, Rosa's glee over how disastrous the night was going, everyone's reactions to the rats (Rosa laughed, Gina jumped on the tables, and Amy freaking pointing her GUN at them!), Boyle saving the day, and the creation of Gerald Jimes.  Andre Braugher yelling the "My wife was killed by a man in a YELLOW SWEATER!" line will never get old to me.  I really hope they find some way to have Holt "play" that character again.

Also, the "Where's the buckle, Santiago?" after he thought her turkey card was wearing a top hat.  I just loved that he didn't even sound mean: he really seemed to want to know why there wasn't a buckle on that hat.  And, of course, Amy's "Ugh, the buckle!" embarrassed reaction was priceless.

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Gerald Jimes is a badass. I'd hate to be that man in a yellow sweater when he finally catches up to him. Him going from yelling about his wife's murder to the casual "sign this?" was masterful comedic work by Andre Braugher.

My favourite part of the episode though, was this exchange:

"I have to practice my toast."

"God, how long is that?"

"Eight pages."

"Single spaced?"

"Double sided."

"Santiago style."

Really, because it's a scene that I'd normally expect to play out as teasing and making fun of the girl for being anally retentive and overly prepared, but instead, Jake just points out that it's completely her to have written a toast that long, and Amy smiles at the truth of it, and at Jake for pointing it out. One of countless great moments they had in the season.

Terry going crazy of the lack of food was hilarious. Turning Scully upside down, pouring bar snacks into his mouth, searching for secret food stashes. I have no clue how he managed even a day on that extreme diet he started in Fancy Brugdom. Terry needs his nutrients!

ETA: beaten to the Jake/Amy exchange by thuganomics85. Never mind, it's still a great moment.

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I somehow missed this episode the first time around, and I'm so delighted to have finally seen it - the Captain's "My wife was killed by a man in a yellow sweater!" was so unexpected to me that I howled with laughter. And while the Boyle Bingo made me laugh in the beginning, I loved that they brought it back around in the end when Jake finally got Bingo.


And to completely dip into the shallow end of the pool - Andy Samberg wore that suit well at the very end.  He looked extremely handsome.

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I love the Boyle Bingo.  As @Rinaldo pointed out, it somehow manages to mock Boyle in the most sweet and caring manner possible and I can't even quantify how they did it.  Possibly just because they know him so well ("Boyle says 'Boom!'") and are clearly delighted by him??

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