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Tablet and Phone Games - Killing time no matter where I am

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I think the interesting thing for me these days is how easily I can be sucked in to such simple little games.  My favorite games during my life have always been very complex, like the Civilization games on the PC, so it's interesting how willingly I jump into the Flappy Birds of the day on my tablet.


At the moment I'm locked into Clash of Clans and Trivia Crack.  My kids are playing CoC (because they like talking to their friends), Crossy Road, on and off with Minecraft, and Plants vs. Zombies 2.


The last one drives me nuts on the phone. It's just too small for me to deal with the never ending waves and the timing and precision I need to deploy to set up the proper defenses. 


I'm not sure what I'll be into a month from now, which is actually part of the fun with the phones and tablets.  Although, I'm pretty sure I'll still be playing Clash of Clans given that I have to plan a month in advance these days. I can't just bail out now! My Pekka upgrade is just finishing and I need raise enough of the dark stuff to got to max Hogs next...

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Do puzzles count? I'm not much of a gamer when it comes to electronics (like board games though), but I love the free Griddlers Plus app I downloaded on my Samsung Galaxy Note. Grateful for the stylus there!

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My favorite mobile games are still Angry Birds and Robot Unicorn Attack 2 (which is hands down my favorite endless runner; it has really smart design that keeps me hooked). I like Flappy Bird, but can only play it for a few minutes before I want to throw my phone! I'm also a fan of 2048 when I want something relatively quick, and I have Checkers and Solitaire apps on my iPad as well. I have recently become addicted to Crossy Road.

If you like horizontal side-scrolling endless runners, I actually made a game as part of my (college-related) on-the-job training at a mobile games company. It features a dragon and has the Flappy Bird-style "tap to fly" thing going on, but I also added a firing mechanic and a dashing mechanic. It's on Google Play now (iOS version takes a while to go live). It's somewhat difficult -- I can't actually reach the high score I gave myself in the high scores table (first place), haha. I think I've managed around 4,900 points.

Edit: iOS version is now live!

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On 4/4/2016 at 0:17 AM, forumfish said:

Any logic puzzle fans? I've just spent the better part of an hour playing online at this site, but they have apps, too:



This game is really fun. Thanks. It reminds me of logic problems I used to do for school, but these are more fun, and there's no teacher grading me.

It's taking me a long time to solve the puzzles (I've only done two so far). I'm hoping I get faster.

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