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S04.E19: The Right Thing

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Jess crashes a funeral, hoping to delete a "sext" she recently sent to the deceased. Schmidt's mom, Louise, arrives in town for a visit to demand he write thank-you notes for his bar mitzvah gifts, and Winston is desperate to be off-duty friends with his police partner, Aly.


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I thought it was pretty good. Never heard of the NFL guy before because I don't follow sports, but the three of them singing sport-related food songs in the garage was pretty funny. And Nora Dunn was great as Schmidt's mom. 


SO - we now know Schmidt is his last name. Did we know that before? Have they ever said what his first name is? I'm guessing no since he made a point of cutting his mom off before she could say it.

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Well his cousin is also named Schmidt (from the Thanksgiving episode), so I think we knew it was his last name. They definitely have not said his first name ever. The closest it got was when Nick girlfriend called him Glenn (?). But she was calling everyone by the wrong name that day.


They didn't say Coach's name for a while either, but then it was revealed it was Ernie. Which is a Cheers shoutout, I'm told. 

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That was cringey. I don't like the ones where Jess-gets-into-hijinx-that-result-in-her-being-a-terrible-liar-everyone-should-see-through-but-develop-moronitis-and-magically-do-not. It's another idiot plot. Realize he has a girlfriend? Tell some short vague but plausible lie and get the hell out before anyone can decide you're remotely memorable.

The Schmidt plot played hilarious, so I will forgive it lots of things, because at least I laughed, but if Schmidt's mom were as pushy as they suggested, and Schmidt rolled over for her as easily as they implied he did with the sweater, how the fuck would he go more than a month past his bar mitzvah without being forced to do those Thank Yous? Does not compute.

Also with Schmidt's intelligence and dilligence with his job, it was a little sketchy how he'd just agree to go in to buy 10% of the bar. If the current owner were light on cash, what makes them thing the bar is a good investment? Nick not thinking it through and just emotionally wanting it, I get. Schmidt, less so. Schmidt's goofy in many ways, but always seemed to have sound money management.

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Maybe I'm just in a good mood because I'm high on chocolate bunnies but except for the Jess plot I thought it was funny actually. Lke it was a really stupid episode and yet I found myself laughing a lot. Every Winston and Schmidt line was hilarious to me. This show is like that a lot.

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