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  1. I agree with that for sure. There's a lot of IMO undeserved negativity towards her and the Bryan choice though which I think is a shame.
  2. She started to get mad because he was spouting a lot of BS about "the time given is not enough to propose" and as he's very likely about to be next Bachelor she knows that's BS. Peter played the game as they all do to become The Bachelor/The Bachelorette but because he is perceived as such a saint and people on social media have said he's so right for wanting to take time before he proposes and that Rachel's the one with issues for wanting a proposal right away of course she's going to be deeply resentful of him bringing it up when she knows that he's FOS.
  3. I couldn't agree more. I personally can't wait until the bloom is off the rose for this guy. I don't know what he did but be above average in looks but the way people act like he's absolutely perfect is beyond ridiculous. It'll be fun to watch him fall off the pedestal. I just wonder how he'll be able to bring himself to get down on one knee in such a short amount of time as The Bachelor. That being said, Rachel came across as very forced with Bryan tonight and did herself no favours in all of this. She really made it seem like the ring was more important than the man. I think she really
  4. Yes, I'm sure if Floyd had called Becca an idiot, made a fist to fake punch her and then threatened to break her nose if she lost her passport again he'd be getting the benefit of the doubt... There's being angry and frustrated when things go wrong and then there's belittling someone and threatening violence when things go astray. Not okay and I'm not sure why Becca gets a pass for that behaviour.
  5. I must say I loathe Tom. Maybe it's just my personal bias but I can always tell who's going to go home based on his reactions and it always seems like who he wants to win is the the person that becomes Top Chef. Just call this show Tom's Chef and call it a day.
  6. I concur that Christina has come a long way since the early seasons especially in terms of affability. And personally, I find that the seasons that she's on tend to feel more competitive. It seems like the group of singers are overall better across the board on Christina seasons. YMMV.
  7. Twenty-six is young but not a child. It's four years away from thirty. That's not a child.
  8. I can't- I can't do this anymore. Justin makes my skin crawl. I'm sick of the close-ups of his face contorting into his three settings of ass clown, wet rag, and douchenozzle. Were the close-ups of him bawling because things didn't magically go his way for once really necessary? Was I supposed to feel bad, TAR? Because my gut reaction was to pull as far away from my TV screen as physically possible. A whiny baby and a braying donkey wrapped up in one person? It's too much. IT'S TOO MUCH. *Rocks back and forth*
  9. Absolutely. If Kelley gets to the end she would be hard to beat IMO. But I'm with Oscirus in thinking that while Spencer is a more visible and overt player, he might look more like a cog in an "alliance" that was perceived to be lead by Jeremy - if that makes sense. Though if Spencer makes it to final 3, he is capable of making a case for himself. For Jeremy, on the other hand, if he does make it to Final 3, as you said, can he make the argument that he played the best game? I don't know. For any of these three, I think they'd be thrilled to go to the end with any combination of Abi, Kimmi
  10. I am absolutely fascinated by the way Jeremy has managed to endear such loyalty in his allies. Consider for a moment the last few episodes. Tasha, Ciera & co. go off for reward. Ciera brings up Jeremy as being able to win this game and should be targeted, Tasha subtly re-directs the target to Wigglesworth. Last week Spencer decides that maybe he's not as tight in his alliance with Jeremy & Stephen as he once thought. So what does he do? Targets Fishback only. This week Kimmi is fully on "Team Women" but when she lists the voting order for the men, Jeremy is last. Now I'm sure that's pa
  11. Goodness, what a boring show The Voice has become. And without any competition.
  12. I don't know if I was supposed to laugh watching Jeff tumble off the roof but that was pure comedy.
  13. I think the only mistake Pharrell made last night was in putting Madi and Amy together. I was pleasantly surprised by Madi. I really liked her performance. And then you have Amy who is a clear front runner. I don't think Pharrell really thinks about what's strategically good for him when he makes these decisions. That being said, I knew there was no way in hell Amy wouldn't make the live shows so it was probably a good move if he wanted them both to continue.
  14. Maybe I've become too cynical watching reality TV but the Morgan situation feels incredibly setup to me. Like it was setup for Blake to let her go and for her to end up back on his team. I call shenanigans. Korin has a nice voice, Irish guy meh. Glad they didn't montage anyone.
  15. This is what I don't get about this show. Are we supposed to enjoy watching selfish people wallow in their own pain and self-destruction? It's only been four episodes but it feels like twelve at this point. Juliette has far surpassed being a sympathetic character and I'm about ready for everyone to wash their hands of her. How many times is a person allowed to hurt the people around them until those people say enough is enough? It's ridiculous. And I get that Deacon is going through some shit but he is so goddamn selfish. Scarlett has nothing to apologize for yet she's reaching out trying
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