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Small Talk: Let's Meet at the Alibi

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Hi, I was an interrmitent poster at TWoP for many years and lately I've really been enjoying the discussion of Shameless there.  I also hope that people come over here and keep the conversation going.  I think this season is maybe the best so far--even though it's a bit hard to watch (or always hard to watch).

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Hi all, long time lurker over at TWOP decided to actually register and hopefully keep the discussion going here. I agree this may be the best season yet- although I sometimes have to pause and take a breather in between scenes, this show does dark better than any other "comedy" I know. 

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Mostly lurker at TWoP (I think I posted a few times, years ago, in the OLTL forum) coming here to discuss this show that I just started watching this season (I know!). I really love this show and plan on catching up on past seasons during the hiatus. Looking forward to posting here.

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I was also mainly a lurker on TWOP (in the Shameless area, back in the day I was very active on other show platforms, but life kinda happened and the internet has become less of a daily ritual). I was over there since the good old days of MightyBigTV, so i was absolutely horrified that TWOP is ending, but alas, it was kind of like Frank for most of this season in the past few years... kinda hanging in there but a shadow of its former self.

Glad to have found somewhere else where the snark is appreciated though!

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I still haven't watched this episode because it won't load on the Showtime Anytime app. Last week's loads just fine, this week's House of Lies loads fine, but I keep getting an error message for Emily.

Have you tried the mobile version? I'd been having trouble with the on demand website for a couple of episodes for about 24 hours after it aired (maybe increased web traffic?) but the showtime anytime app on smartphones seems to work fine. 

Excited to see so many other ex lurkers from TWOP. I used to spend my lunch break catching up on the discussions in the forums but it was only with the switch to previously.tv that I decided to actually make an account and start posting, glad I did. 

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Hello everyone.

I just joined the forum,and I'm a major Shameless fan.I've collected nearly every season on DVD(just waiting for the seventh season to come out next month,plus I look forward to the eighth season premiere in November.)I checked out the original British series.But I couldn't really get into it,and find I like the American series better.Lip and Ian would be my two favourite characters.

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I did a one week binge watch of this show. This show is definitely  in my bailiwick, but I never had Showtime before now. Ian is hands down my favorite character. And yeah, Mickey/Ian and Fiona/JimmySteve are my favorite pairs.

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