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S05.E01: Milk Of The Gods

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I love Kev. I would probably consider him to have consistently been my favorite character on the show. He always entertains me and never annoys me, haha! I do agree his hair looks better pulled back though.

I'm so over Sheila and her storylines. I liked her a lot in season 1, liked her well enough in 2 & 3, but was over her by 4. And now I just so sick of her. The 'Sheila needs somebody to cook dinner for' thing is so old at this point, and the 'Sheila doesn't get along with Sammi' thing doesn't interest me because I never want to see Sammi again. I don't even care if they explain where Sammi's gone - I just want her out of the show.

As for Mickey, I found him awful until about 2/3 thru last season, but now I find him one of my favorite characters! So, yay Mickey!

I don't really get the vibe they're gonna have Lip quit school. Who knows though. I hope not.

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Despite all the stuff about Lip getting into MIT in season 3, it was established last season that Lip attends the made-up Chicago Polytechnic University (

Okay, wow, thanks, Blue Castle.  I somehow managed to totally miss that.  It all makes a lot more sense now. 


While initially I wasn't thrilled with Dermot Mulroney's character, something someone else said up-thread has caused me to re-think it.  Fiona is in desperate need of a man who calls her on her bullshit and will not be manipulated by her.  It would be reprehensible for someone who is in recovery to hit on her or have sex with her before she has a year of sobriety, and for someone who is her boss to have sex with her ever, but of course, it happens.   What I'd really like to see is even if he's attracted to her to have her boss stiff-arm her when it comes to taking it further; it would be nice if him busting her out on the pie was a prelude for that.


As far as Jimmy sending in his girlfriend/new wife/whatever  to hit on her and give her hundred dollar bills, I find that a little creepy and a lot insulting.  If Fiona finds out,  I hope that severs any last feling she might have for him.  I kind of liked Stimmie (as someone else called him, heh) before this, but this move is just pure slime.


And one more small complaint - if I had Shanola Hampton's body, I'd be walking around buck naked, but did we need 3 different boob shots of her this episode?  It seemed excessive, even for this show.

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I'm a little late to the table, just got around to watching the first two episodes.  I found Ep. 1 to be pretty darn entertaining.  Loved the whole interaction in the store with all the men with babies.  


I've known some mom's like V, thank goodness Kev is a good dad.  Love his character and love him with out that rat's nest of hair.  I've never been a fan of long hair on men, but that's my personal taste.  V's mom "milking" her boob was hilarious.  I had a nurse do that to me with my first child.  Not a pleasant experience. Also, I get V wanting to quit when the babies bite, but do they even have teeth yet?  Did I miss a mention of their age?


Even though the actor who portrays Ian is at times awkward, I've always loved his character.  He is damaged, but there is a sweet side to him.  He's maternal for instance.  I hope he gets help, but of course he'll get worse before he gets better. I love the dynamic in their house though, they have found a way to co-exist.  I have also always liked Mickey's character.  He's brutal at times, but like Ian has a soft side.  He'll defend his loved ones with all he's got.  


I know others don't want Jimmy to resurface but I wouldn't mind it. 

I wonder if the girl is being sent by Jimmy to gather info and give her $, he knows she struggles to get by.  That's just my guess though, who knows for sure.  Now that I think of it, that would be quite cliche of them, but this show has many cliches. 



Many of Sheila's story lines become tiring, and this season is no different.  The best part was when she looked under the couch  and said "oh no she didn't"  and then found ALL of the them out on her bed.  


So are they ramping up Sammie's neediness to magnify how little Frank really cares for/ pays attention to his kids?  Cause we got that memo.... a while back.

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