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The only others I can think of is Single Ladies, which was canceled after four(?) seasons (I watched one through three) and Hit The Floor, which was renewed for a third season that apparently will never arrive. (The second season started in May 2014.)

People, including me, love these shows but the asshats at VH1 want to make shittier, CHEAPER reality shows, in my opinion. I can't imagine Dean Caine is that expensive (Hit The Floor), but I guess he's pricier than random drink-tosser/hair-puller number three on Music Genre's/Sports' Significant Others.

ETA: Just for shits and giggles, I looked at the VH1 app I still have on my phone from when I watched Hindsight. There are ZERO scripted shows currently on VH1. ALL are "reality" shows. Under "past seasons", if you count documentaries as "scripted", VH1 Rock Docs and Behind the Music are the only other shows besides listed Hindsight that are not "reality". Meanwhile, there are SIX Basketball Wives, SEVEN Love & Hip-Hop and FIVE Mob Wives seasons.

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Well then I guess we know their real reason for cancelling Hindsight. They wanted to free up the timeslot for another crappy reality show. It's quite idiotic they're claiming they had to cancel Hindsight because television is "over-saturated" with scripted shows when that's even more true for reality shows. 

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I strongly suspect that the cancellation was all about ad revenue. The ratings for Hindsight were bad. And I mean really, REALLY bad. They barely had over 100,000 viewers. With numbers like that, there's no way VH1 could charge enough for ads to cover the production cost. Their only option was to kill the show and maybe start over with a whole new one. Or just another cheap reality show.

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I'm disappointed, but honestly, the ratings were so bad. Even if it were a cheap reality show, it would have been cancelled with those ratings.


So far, it seems like Quantum Leap and Being Erica are going to be the two shows about time travel that actually last. (Well, there's Dr. Who, but that's an institution.)

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Sorry to hear Hindsight won't be back after all. I haven't been here for a while, but I thought they originally had said the show would be back in October, and came here to see when it was starting.  Very disappointing it isn't. Maybe another network or something online will pick it up?  I'd still like to see how it ends.

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