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  1. karenc3

    The Royals In The Media: Paparazzi Not Allowed!

    I was just wondering if it was cancelled, I hadn't heard anything for a while. I liked The Royals especially the first couple of seasons, though I didn't like the last one as much.
  2. karenc3

    S31.E01: When Worlds Collide

    I love Victor too!! Glad to see him compete on this.
  3. I know the show is probably always fake, and it is probably always filmed ahead, but it made it seem even faker to have this air this soon, it would have been more realistic if it aired after Chrismas. I also don't like how Kim freaks out if her mother or her sisters decorate similarly, what's the difference if they have the same decorations.
  4. Probably, but if they were living in Hollywood, the house would have been very expensive, and I would think Caitlyn would be paying child support for the Jenner kids. And it sounds like they were just starting the public speaking business. They probably had money but not enough for where they were trying to live.
  5. Chael cutting the computer wire was wrong on so many levels, not only was it dangerous to him and the others, someone could have been electrocuted or burned, and it could have also damaged the computer itself, and they could have lost what they were working on too. I don't see how he could have thought that would have helped or been acceptable because it was so obvious that's what happened. Glad he was fired, he probably would have been in a regular job for that too.
  6. I don't agree that Carson using Lisa instead of George would have helped. I think more women would relate to George and his story than Lisa, and he is much more well known also. I think the problem was they didn't use George long enough. The only bump up they saw was when George was on. Though I also think the other major problem was the product itself, it just didn't look as fun as the slider, or maybe they didn't show enough about how to use it. Though actually, if used correctly, I would probably be more likely to use it.
  7. The whole thing with disguises was never going to really work because they had the camera crews with them. Even if the paps didn't know it was them right away they had to know something was up. And on the bus they must have had to tell the people they were being filmed, maybe even what show it was for.
  8. I had read an article about the interview Khloe did with Howard Stern late last year, this is probably the one discussed on the show because she also discusses Lamar. During the interview, Khloe said that they heard about Caitlyn's transition from producers of the show who told them that Bruce was having a show about transitioning, and that's how they found out. Here's the article: https://www.howardstern.com/news/2016/1/13/listen-official-audio-khloe-kardashian-opens-about-lamar-odom-caitlyn-jenner-and-boob-jobs/ I could see why Khloe was upset about this, and I think why Caitlyn was so mad is because she didn't want anyone to know this. This interview stood out to me at the time because it made it clearer why the family reacted the way they did.
  9. karenc3

    S15.E18: Top 6 Perform

    No your not. I liked Nick on the show, and love his music with Beach Avenue. Just not feeling this new song. I did hear live versions of some other songs that will be on the album and I liked them better.
  10. karenc3

    Dalton Rapattoni

    I'm afraid that maybe Borchetta is controlling the arrangements too, and that's why Dalton didn't look happy. Maybe it wasn't so much the song choice as that. Especially since it was the first week he was mentoring. I know last year some contestants felt they had to do what Borchetta suggested if they wanted to do well in the competition, especially since he was in charge of the label. Which I think is a problem having the record exec as a mentor every week.
  11. karenc3

    S15.E15: Wildcard Night: Judges Pick

    She has had the flu the past few days, so that's probably why no one hugged her.
  12. karenc3

    S32: Caleb Reynolds

    He's made homophobic statements several times on his younows and twitter in the past year. He was friends with Frankie at first but I'm not sure about since these statements.
  13. Ok, it's already midseason, I haven't heard anything about The Odd Couple coming back. Has anyone heard anything?
  14. karenc3

    S27.E13: Family Matters

    I think it depends on what people are used to. They were forced to eat a huge amount of food they weren't used to. But it certainly wasn't as bad as some of the disgusting combinations they had people drink on other challenges. At least it was actual food. I kind of wonder if the reason they had the blood sausage and blood soup was because of the bloodline theme of the show.
  15. karenc3

    S15.E14: Showcase #4: Judges Vote

    Right. Actually, when I heard they were doing duets, I thought maybe they would do David's version Always Be My Baby, he has actually done it in concert as a duet and it was terrific. Or Elinor Rigby, which would be a storytelling song that already had harmonies. And I think if they were going to do one of David's hits, Come Back to Me would have worked better as a duet, it already has a strong second vocal part.