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S15.E10: Dead Rails

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Not a bad episode.  I did actually at one point suspect the driver who hit the man so it wasn't a huge surprise when it turned out to be her.


The only surprise was Hodges beating Morgan at pool - I thought for sure she would win.

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Are the writers really expecting the audience to believe that the blonde woman who killed the victim at the pool room and buried him in the desert then decided to drive back and forth on the highway all night under the assumption that she didn't really kill him -- AND -- he would manage to dig himself free without asphyxiating on the dirt -- AND -- he would wander up a hill onto the highway that she was driving on at the time (he could have just as easily wandered downhill back to the service road that paralleled the highway that the killer used to deliver him to the grave site in the first place) just so that she could hit him with her car and kill him again ?  Uggh, that's stupid.


And unless you want to replace the surface on your pool table every time it's performed, that whole champagne-shot-smashing-of-the-glasses makes no fucking sense at all.  And if they were renting out the Rails pool room for prostitution, were they also banging on top of the pool table ?  Again, you'd have to replace the table surface regularly because of ..... you know, fluids.


The guy with the snakeskin pool cue that was shedding massive pieces of snakeskin was also ridiculous.  Why would you even continue to use something like that that was literally falling apart ?


This was just a terribly written episode from beginning to end.  Was it just an excuse to get pool tables into the labs ?

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I thought it was odd to have to interview the hit and run driver, Mary Haymond. She was all upset and Crawford had to interview her at the station. Nice to see Detective Kevin Crawford. No Henry Andrews. Nick and Sara were not to active. Nick was on early, and Sara near end. Greg was though out most of it. I'd rather see Nick, Sara and Greg work though most of episode, and to a lesser extent Morgan, Russell and Finley. Hodges, Henry, Doc and Super Dave only because they work behind the scenes mostly. Yes everyone should have a centric episode. I think Crawford should be on more same as Brass was. And Eckley should be more constant.

Conrad Ecklie should have been here for this case. Then when Mary Haymond and Elise Messy,talked about knowing people in high places he could have slapped it down. But D. B. did alright on his own. Also Jim Brass could have taken care of that also. At least with a snappy come back.

I was surprised that Mary Haymond shot Jimmy Turelli, dragged im to her trunk, buried in sand and then later runs him over?? Yes she must have been driving around, or the distance between the spot along the service road and the road she was on was longer then to dig self out and walk cross country and get hit?

It was nice that Jimmy got clean and religious in prison. To bad his Pool Hall wasn't clean, and The new owner Haymord had to have her cheaters and hussies to keep it going.

Morgans line, "DNA corner pocket!" was funny, when she talked about the ice cube ball rolling through the blood. .

I thought that hustler Calvin Tate did it at first. "Bobbles, fetch me a beer!" How he treated Zoe Tate his wife. But her hustling men for sex wasn't cool either. He was quite sure of himself. Jim Brass would have put him in his place. Det. Crawford's to nice. But he did notice that Zoe had been beaten. Calvin had a chip in his hat. So Zoe was looking for it? So Jimmy found the drive in Zoe's purse and called her out on it. That was after Calvin and her hustled them. Seems the 3 women, Mary Haymond, Zoe Tate, and Elise Massy ran the show, and Jimmy Tuelli and Calvin Tate were just pawns. Did Zoe actually kill Calvin, or have it done?

Thought the champagne glass pool would be a bit messy and a big waste. But thought when Morgan and Hodges started to play that he was good and she didn't know it. My thought would have been DB though. He spent many years in a pool bar, lol .

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Best things about the episode for me were:

hearing a snippet of the song "Roll with the Punches" by The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer",

Eye candy: Bernard Curry

And Hodges & Morgan at the pool table.

I don't buy the idea that Mary was strong enough to do all that by herself (other than the running him down with the car bit.)

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Yeah, the whole timeline of the murder was pretty screwy - so Evil Madam is unhappy with her partner going clean so she kills him, buries him in the desert goes home to change (presumably, since you'd imagine all that killin' & buryin' would get you a bit grubby, to say the least) and then drives back along the road to... establish her alibi? And couldn't our heroic coroner establish that he vehicle was accelerating when the guy was hit (I have no idea if that is really possible, but I'm sure it's been determined on a previous CSI episode)?


Incidentally, it's lucky Sharon Osborne doesn't need to make a living as an actress - if she or TPTB really wanted her in an episode, couldn't they have had her play herself (there was a recent that revolve around a band, IIRC - they could have her playing a judge on "America's Next Pop Superstar")? That shouldn't stretch what "talents" she has.

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