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Spencer Reid: Gorgeous Gray Matter

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Ah, I love this one too, but whoops it actually isn't Matthew, but one of those 'oft-mistaken' pics like the one of him reclining on the couch shirtless and that photoshopped 'bathtub' one. I once knew who this is... actually I think zannej still knows so we'll corral her when she comes back in. 


Gorgeous pic, still! 

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Here's Matthew's hand/arm and Shemar with Morgan's injury - wow that's great makeup!




And here's Matty all neck-swathed with a fan while shooting



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That is great makeup. It looks like there could be more than just the graze. A bullet that lodges, even superficially, has to be surgically removed, and there would be a period of observation, gowned, of course, even if the patient was released a few hours later.

Neck wounds scare me. Period.

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These are gorgeous, of course (thank you!), but I actually think it's to MGG's credit as an actor that I kind of forget he's so model-y while onscreen as our cerebral, endearingly adorkable Spencer Reid. And that made more sense in my head, but hopefully you guys know what I mean! 

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I know exactly what you mean! If he wasn't so great acting the character I would think it improbable that women (and men!) weren't throwing themselves at him everywhere he went!

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He's probably used to it now, but can you imagine how he felt when he was just beginning to get all that attention, to realize that he was physically and sexually attractive - not to just a few people, but to thousands? And not just passably good looking, but full-on gorgeous?


Makes me happy for the little awkward, oddly-proportioned bb he used to be. 


Also how hard am I in love with this man for posting this just minutes after that flawless photo shoot hit the web:



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OMG ! He is so adorable when he post stuff like that. Matthew is either oblivious to just how good looking he is or he knows but just isn't hung up on himself.With Shemar Moore it's totally different. I believe Shemar knows he is rather attractive and he is a bit hung up on himself over it.


Although I do think Shemar is basically a nice guy and he certainly doesn't have any problems pointing out Matthew's attractiveness.

In fact kudos to Shemar for noticing It and not being afraid to call attention to it. Which is something I can't say the same about CBS and the show itself.


The most recent example was that stupid Mancrush Monday list they recently posted.I'm not surprise Morgan was #1,although Reid is #1 in my book.But Reid didn't even make the list and neither did Hotch. But Sheldon Cooper from "The Big Bang Theory" made the list.

WTF was up with that? Now I think Sheldon is adorable in his own way but for him to make that list when Reid didn't, imo simply defies logic.

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I think he knows people find him attractive, but this all came to him in very late adolescence. I had a similar experience of attracting people once I was past my early 20s. If he is like me, he doesn't trust this allure he has, and he knows (like I did) that this beauty he has is fleeting, and superficial.

I think, and I hope, he knows that this beauty he possesses now is a very short-lived gift. Although women have it harder than men, he too will eventually fade in his physical beauty. But, if he is the interesting being we think he is, he will still be interesting beyond the point that he makes us want to breathe into a paper bag!

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Ha, I don't know how fleeting his beauty is - I still find Jeff Goldblum very sexay - but I believe you're right about him possessing other traits that make him interesting, as well. What I do think is that even if he were to lose his looks tomorrow, he'd be okay with it. Like you said, he doesn't come off like he quite 'trusts' his own appeal, and oftentimes makes himself look ridiculous or ugly on purpose, for laughs. 


Case in point:






... which just serves to make everyone love him even more. :)

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I love that season 4 (in the middle of the very serious The Instincts episode) outtake; the whole sequence of his face-pulling is hilarious, and I always have to go back and watch it again for Shemar and the other guy's utter lack of reaction!

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Arg. I typed a long post and this thing ate it...

Reid is what got me hooked on the show. I like the mild-mannered genius types. Dr. Daniel Jackson was my favorite on Stargage:SG1. I really liked that he was an intelligent character who had a maturity beyond his years, but at the same time had a child-like innocence in terms of social interactions. He didn't always know how to respond to teasing, but he clearly cared about people. I've read that the writers wanted him to be like Data on ST:TNG, but I'm glad they got Matthew because the emotional nuances he brings are part of what makes his character so unique. He never came off as arrogant and never seemed to feel the need to show off-- despite Morgan claiming that Reid seemed to need to prove his intelligence every day. He doesn't lord his intelligence over other people and never claims to know everything. He's willing to learn.

One of my favorite Reid scenes was actually a deleted one from Fear & Loathing - when Reid turned the tables and tricked Morgan so he could steal a card.


As for the hair debate, I like most of his hairstyles. I actually liked the cut where it was shaved in the back, but it wasn't my favorite. I liked the style he had around Instincts/Memoriam where it was long enough to have a curl, but not too long. His season 5 hair was pretty, but it wasn't the most flattering one for his face, IMO. I didn't dislike that one though. I think there were only 2 styles I really disliked. One was the slicked back look from Minimal Loss. The other was some time in season 6 where it looked like he got electrocuted and his hair was sticking straight up. That looked awful.


There used to be an image floating around somewhere  that had samples of his hairstyles from different seasons.


I see my name was mentioned, but I don't know which picture was being referenced. I got an error image instead. I'll have to dig up some good photos sometime...


Some fun Reid facts: He has/had a circa 1965 horizon blue Volvo Amazon P130 122S. Likely manual transmission because the automatic had a problem that caused it to use too much gas.

He lives in apartment #23 (second floor) of Capital Plaza Apartments

Here is Blake walking out of his apartment building in "Demons"



I'll have to dig up more photos later.

Here are some screenshots someone got for me recently of Reid in his apartment:



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New poster here, and another Reid fan.


Just have to say, what, no "Corazon" love? For all the Reid goodness in it, my favorite is when the unsub has him at gunpoint, and he pulls a Gideon by mocking the unsub to his face, and even laughing at him (something I don't think he'd ever done before in all of his unsub confrontations), and all while suffering from a migraine that he uses to great effect before bashing the guy in the head.


My favorite Reid look is mid-S4, when he is at his most polished. "Pleasure Is My Business" is probably Reid at his hottest, IMO, with the hair, waistcoat, pocket watch--just smokin'!


My favorite Reid ep is "The Uncanny Valley," since that ep is all about Reid, from the unsub suffering from mental illness due to criminal medical practices, the bad father (yes, much worse than Reid's but still, Daddy issues galore!), chess in the park, his sharing how he processed Gideon's desertion, profiling the doctor's office perfectly, and then the Isaac Asimov quote at the end, wrapping up the Daddy issues for the episode. And, if you're unfamiliar with the show, you can just enjoy the episode even though you're missing 75% of the unspoken stuff going on.


ETA: One of the best things that the sci-fi author and Criminal Minds superfan (at least, for Seasons 1-5) Elizabeth Bear wrote was what she wanted to see happen to Spencer Reid (posted in the comments of her recap to The Uncanny Valley):


"I want him to do his 35 years at the FBI and retire and go get a job stumping about with a cane (because the old war wound pains him when it rains) and terrorizing undergrads somewhere. I want him to be at peace. I don't expect it. But I want it. And I'm glad he got a moment of integration here."

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Sharpie66, I love Corazon. The whole "I will go with you" thing kills me every time. There's father issues galore in this one, too. 


I agree about Uncanny Valley being a wonderful, Reid-at-full-phasers, episode. He's not struggling, as in Elephant's Memory, another favorite for different reasons. He's on top of stuff from the beginning, and i love the touches of his life beyond the job.


My fave is still probably Tabula Rasa, for reasons i've probably blabbed on and on about, if not here, then elsewhere.


Thanks for the quote from Elizabeth Bear, I'll have to check her out.

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Elizabeth Bear posted all of her CM recaps on her Livejournal page under the tag "Geeks With Guns": http://matociquala.livejournal.com/tag/geeks%20with%20guns

(That is to her latest post--just keep clicking back for her first post.)

She started with "The Long Game/Revelations," stopped early in S8, but really had tailed off after S5. She posted recaps with ever increasing irregularity, although she did post a great recap with "Lauren," which began with a quote from...Elizabeth Bear!!! Yes, the writers had been keeping up on her posts for years, and since she had been a Prentiss fan from the first, they gave her the quote for thecharacter's supposed finale.

She was a big fan of the show and has really increased my appreciation for the early seasons through her really insightful remarks.

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While I thought that "Corazon" had some fantastic acting and very good Reid scenes, I was annoyed at the out-of-character to the point of stupidity part of Reid going to the shack alone. It was a bizarre episode and the writer of it only got to do one episode and was never asked to do another. I wish she'd found a better reason for Reid to end up over there and that he hadn't taken his vest off and just somehow snuck out without telling the rest of the team. That was something that he never would have done even if he had a massive headache. Even with a vest he still could have been shot in the head. I really liked Julio and I wish they would bring him back for an episode. I liked that it was left ambiguous so you didn't know if the guy really had some sort of special insight or if he was just a very good cold reader.

Even when Reid was laughing as he described the unsub's plot, he didn't do it in quite the same mocking way as Gideon. He didn't come off as an arrogant jerk. He was more like "listen to your plan, it doesn't make sense unless your goal is to get caught!" And the gif of Reid beaning the guy on the head with the metal bar is a popular one.

I'll have to look at that blog of Elizabeth Bear sometime. I liked the blog of Midnight Jo. She wrote a few hilarious reviews of CM. Sadly some of the images from it no longer work.

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Look at this beautiful precious enjoying my town (famous graffiti landmark)! Lucky girl! GAH! Our paths must cross! ;)


(pic courtesy of zannej)



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Even though it is credited as being taken in Austin, I really think that is from last year. The man in the picture with Matthew is Richard Bates, a friend of Matthew's and his director last summer in Suburban Gothic. I would be highly surprised if Richard is with Matthew in Austin.

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It is, indeed good to see him shirtless, we so seldom get to! And right, Richard isn't here with him. Also his hair is that cursed buzz he did for Suburban Gothic, so mystery solved by FA. 


Check out his cutie farmer's tan, too. <3

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I always love it when the show reuses his clothes, and have often wondered if it's at Matthew's suggestion or preference. He's been getting better at acquiring new stuff, but he used to never get anything new (probably hired a stylist, finally). I think he wore those same brown cords for over a year. xD


Anyway, shows what a difference lighting makes:



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