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  1. Does it qualify for a snuff film? I'm afraid I'm not an expert on the subject. Come to think of it, I'm very HAPPY I'm not an expert on the subject...
  2. The Internet is Forever could also qualify, because he filmed his murders and posted them on the interwebs
  3. He said, "I can't believe they're breaking up the band."
  4. They found the younger girls, and "Violet" was reconciled with her parents, the younger girls' grandparents. I don't recall, and haven't seen the end for Gina, perhaps she was reunited with her parents.
  5. Except that you know Spencer will eventually return; Britney? not so much =)
  6. Hotch killed the Reaper who had killed his ex-wife and threatened to find and kill his son. Elle killed a suspected (OK, he did it) rapist who triggered something in her memory, which we aren't privy to, but is probably connected to a rape experience. She killed him because he taunted her with his getting away with his crimes, thanked her for making it happen. Hotch's killing came from abject terror and loss. Elle's killing came from anger and disgust mixed with dread and not a little misplaced guilt. I liked the team part of the episode, too.
  7. I do not think she left the windows open. He broke in,as he had several other places in the episode, and he left the windows open, for dramatic affect. All we really see of her place is the front room and the front door, no telling where he broke in, but not likely, IME, through the windows.
  8. Yeah, I always thought she was so exhausted she didn't notice, but, yeah.
  9. Yes, probably by next week they should announce. Harry Bring ( and others) has said that everyone is signed to do a season 14, so that doesn't seem to be an impediment. I agree with you that TPTB wouldn't just renew for sentimental reasons, they would go to the bottom line. CM has been a solid performer, and the change to the 10 o'clock time slot didn't kill it, so I think it has a good chance. They did make us wait till the upfronts one year, several years back, but there were several actors who were not solid re-signs, if I recall correctly. So, yeah, it's a little tense if you want to
  10. I like the scruff, too. And how he was completely without a tie in Believer.
  11. The partial prints they got were Lindsey's, and she wasn't even on their radar until Reid told Prentiss "Find Lindsey!" And my points aren't to dispute your criticism of later writing being inferior and inconsistent, I've said this many times. But Reid's being more sensitive and less likely to be confrontational, especially physically, has nothing to do with whether his adversary is male or female, and this trait is present throughout the canon.
  12. No, you're right, I misremembered the episode, thanks for the correction!
  13. I think we've discussed this before but i thought this was fascinating. This man was featured in the episode Omnivore, he was lecturing and Reid was attending. Talking about the psychopathic brain, specifically giving his family, especially his mother, credit for steering him towards being a functional person who could have decent relationships, even a marriage and children.
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