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1.Doctor Who (all of them as I've watched since childhood)

2. Spencer Reid

3. Colin Firth's Mr Darcy in Pride & Prejudice

4. Gillian Anderson as Scully

5. Sherlock Holmes (Cumberbatch)

6. Jean Luc Picard

7. Spock

8. Kerr Avon (from an old British Sci-fi programme called Blakes 7)

9. John Steed

10. Giles from Buffy.

That's quite hard and my list shows my age and that I am British!

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Old Dog, I will going to the British Isles Cruise next year. I was in London for a couple of days years ago.

I adore Colin Firth. I love him:) He can do no wrong. lol

And I love Michael Caine too.

And most of all, Dame Judi Dench

You don't like Gillian Anderson as Stella Gibson in "The Fall"? She is such a fascinating female character.

I do love Dr Spencer when he is used the way he is supposed to be used.

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Since a lot of us here seem to be anglophiles, I feel so remiss for not mentioning Poirot. I'm obsessed with the series, and Poirot joins Spencer Reid on the list of favorite five TV characters ever. 

I've heard great things about Continuum and am eager to check it out! 

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I haven't seen "The Fall" but will go look for it! I thought Gillian Anderson was amazing as Lady Dedlock in the BBC adaptation of Bleak House. Oh and Poirot! David Suchet has nailed his character! I quite like Continuum but not an all time favourite. Oh and I do like Noah Wylie in the Librarian - not sure what I think about the new Librarians without him in it much.

Look, I watch too much TV! Ten all time faves is not enough!

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In no particular order:

  1. Spencer Reid
  2. Tim Bisley
  3. Willow Rosenberg
  4. Melinda May
  5. Captain James T. Kirk
  6. Sheldon Cooper
  7. Inara Serra
  8. George Jefferson
  9. Barnabas Collins
  10. Charlie Crews
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mstaken - Continuum is a really good show. And I really do love Rachel Nichols in it. 

Old Dog - The Fall is a must watch especially if you are a Gillian Anderson fan. She is provocative in the film. Such a departure from Scully. 

Regarding the Librarian, I heard they are doing a series and I do wonder how it is going to be without him.

I read great reviews about The House of Bleak. i must watch that. I did love her in "Great Expectations". She was so good in it? Did you see it? I love how she manages to change her voice depending on her character.

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I think you mean The House of Mirth (Bleak House being another thing entirely, despite them both having House in the title). :)

I tell you, I had that sucker on VHS and watched it until it broke. Wonderful, tragic, mesmerizing movie. 

Lily - second only to Scully in my favorite GA roles. Flawless.

Phenomenal cast too. Dan Aykroyd, Eric Stolz, Laura Linney and many others round out this one.  

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I've lost a lot of pets over the years and it never gets any easier. I think I'm more upset about how upset my friends are over the dog. I hate to see my friends cry. The woman had the dog since she was 16 and was very attached to him. It also sucked because he seemed to be doing better. Its doubly sad because it could have been avoided if he'd been on heartworm preventative medicine. They didn't realize how dangerous heartworms can be. It was easier when they could give a yearly vaccine to prevent them, but for some reason that vaccine was discontinued and it has to be a monthly pill that is more expensive than the vaccine.

Anyway, I'm liking this place thus far. Nicer moderators here.

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I have to look back on so many shows to actually have a Top 10 favorite character. I will do Top Female Characters

- Dana Scully

- Olivia Benson

- Maura Isles

- Joss Carter

- Diana Prince

- Stella Gibson

- The women on Game of Thrones - Catelyn, Arya, Daenerys

- Kono

- Emily Prentiss

- Joan Watson

- Captain Sharon Rayder

_ Brenda Leigh Johnson

- Kate Todd 

- Kiera cameron

- Theresa Lisbon

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While we're on the subject of favorite characters, I'd like to add a few animateds that I seriously love/loved:

Kim Possible







Beavis and Butthead

Aeon Flux




Mordecai and Rigby

Phineas and Ferb

Mojo Jojo


David the Gnome


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Oh yeah! I used to watch Doctor Who before I moved overseas. I can't remember which doctor it was on when I left. It was late 1992... I think Colin Baker?

I really liked Daniel Jackson on Stargate:SG1. I think perhaps that is one of the reasons I liked Reid on CM. He reminded me a bit of early seasons Daniel.

IndependentMind, I didn't realize Gilian had more than one pregnancy. So yeah, it would be the first one. I thought David Duchovny was still married. I have not kept up on these things.

My brother assured me that Buffy is a good show and he spent 2 hours telling me about the plot of the entire series. I've just always caught bad episodes whenever it was on though. Plus I saw the movie first and liked it better. Maybe one day I'll try to watch it.

Willowy, for the story on the "plaster" on Tom's head: http://www.elleuk.com/elle-style-awards/news/tom-hiddleston-plaster-elle-style-awards-accident

Let me see.. My favorite characters.. I don't know if I can do only 10...

In no particular order:

1. Wesley Crusher (I totally related to him and wanted to BE Wesley when I was watching ST:TNG)

2. Spock (because he's the logical choice)

3. Checkov (his accent always amused me)

6. Dr. Daniel Jackson (he spoke multiple languages, was intelligent, and cared about his friends)

7. Dr. Spencer Reid 

8. Dr. Natalie Lambert (the coroner on Forever Knight-- I remembered Catherine Disher from War of the Worlds the Series)

9. Dana Scully (I loved that she was a woman who was into science but was reasonable)

10. Dr. Beverly Crusher 

Since I can't only pick 10 I have to add Lenny Briscoe from Law & Order.

Ooh, I watched a marathon of Continuum and it made me glad that Rachel moved on to another show instead of CM because she is so much better on that one. The writing for her character is much more consistent and they give her more to work with. Plus the show also has Lexa Doig who is married to Michael Shanks (Dr. Jackson on SG1). I've seen video clips of those two at conventions and they are hilarious together.

Willowy, I loved Daria!!

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Lexa Doig - I adore her since she is half Filipino. lol. Her and her hubby are so cute together. I loved it when she guest starred on "Eureka'. And she is so bad (evil0 in "Continuum".

IndependentMind, I didn't realize Gilian had more than one pregnancy. So yeah, it would be the first one. I thought David Duchovny was still married. I have not kept up on these things.

Gillian has three kids. The first one was when she was on X-Files during toward the end of the season. That is why she was gone a couple of episodes in season  2. Did you know that Fox wanted to get rid of Gillian because she got pregnant? Chris Carter fought for her. So Gillian had to sign a contract that she could not get pregnant while she was on The X Files. 

Her second and third kids, both boys came after The X-Files was done. She gave birth to her youngest in 2008. She was pregnant when she was promoting the "S Files: I Wanna Believe" movie. 

David is separated from his wife Tea Leoni. I don;t know if they are in the process of divorcing. But Davis announce in 2011. Gillian and her sons father separated in 2012.

Dana Scully (I loved that she was a woman who was into science but was reasonable)

I have always said this a woman does not need to be fighting and taking down men to be considered strong and sexy. Scully proved that. That is why i was so disappointed when they decided to turn JJ into a ninja kicking female agent. And Personally, I prefer AJ a little less muscular and with more meat on her. She looks so much older now since she bulked and less feminine. A friend of mine says the same thing too. 

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Oh my gosh, I absolutely adored Kim Possible despite being decades older than that show's target demographic! 

I think perhaps that is one of the reasons I liked Reid on CM. He reminded me a bit of early seasons Daniel.


I recently watched Stargate SG-1, and it won't surprise you to learn that Daniel was my favorite as well :) 

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I forgot to mention Murder She Wrote. Sure the police were often bumbling and there was some cheesiness to it. Sometimes the acting was absolutely terrible, but I enjoyed it. I still like to watch it because its fun to see how many of the actors that became very famous later on had bit parts on the show. Plus I can laugh at that 80s hair without having to go to Walmart (because there are many people in town who still have 80s hair). I liked Angela Lansbury from an old Disney Movie called Bedknobs and Broomsticks. 

I also like Poirot. David Suchet just plays the part so well. His character has this gentle lilt and is a polite with women. He really is a gentleman, but at times he can be inconsiderate of Ms.Lemon (his secretary).

I mentioned in another thread that something I liked about both of the aforementioned programs was how we would often see the perpetrator along with the rest of the characters and we wouldn't be told right away who the culprit was. There would be a reveal and we would find out. Sometimes the ways were rather clever. Sure, there was a trope and stuff like that probably wouldn't really work in real life. It was still entertaining. I actually liked the few CM episodes where we caught glimpses of the unsub without knowing it was the unsub until later. "The Popular Kids" is an example.

There is a British show called Copper but I keep forgetting when its on. The one episode I watched all the way through (because I usually was busy at the time it came on) had a convoluted plot twist that really amused me. It was the one where a doctor was found dead in his home and then one of the chief detectives started stealing wine and eating food at the crime scene. He promptly died. It turned out that the doctor had been cheating on his wife with patients. His wife had been cheating on him with the butcher. The wife made cakes for the butcher but they tasted bad so he would by cakes that looked similar from a local bakery. The doctor knew that his wife baked cakes for the butcher so he poisoned one of the cakes. The butcher bought the bakery cake to eat instead, put the homemade cake in the bakery's box and gave it to their landlord as an apology for being late on rent. The landlord for some reason didn't want it and decided to give it to the doctor. So the doctor ate his wife's homemade cake that he had poisoned because he thought it was a storebought cake and didn't know how it had been passed around. He inadvertently poisoned himself. I don't know why that twist amused me so much, but it did.

I also forgot to mention Quantum Leap. I loved that show.

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normasm, the moving things around is probably just trying to establish some order so things don't get out of hand. Thus far I haven't seen people getting posts edited with a nastygram message at the bottom and they likely didn't get a nastygram message in their e-mail about using proper grammar from an admin who doesn't actually know the grammar rules and who seemingly arbitrarily went on a tear and started editing posts left and right and griping about "boards on boards". Or when the moderator edited someone's post and use the incorrect tense in the edit so the person who posted it had to go back and fix the error.

I was reading through some of the posts there shortly before moving over here and I was thinking 'really? Someone putting "Am I the only one?" is "boards on boards"?' LOL. I think there is quite a bit more freedom over here.

Yesterday one of my dogs tried to get in the car but she jumped in on the driver side and couldn't fit so she promptly fell back out of the car. I have no idea why she wanted to go with me because I only take her to the vet where she gets poked with needles. I guess she forgot that and just wanted attention. LOL. The little dog managed to make it into the car so he got to ride with me to the post office (since I don't get mail delivery at the house-- they won't come out to this neck of the woods).

I live out on a farm in the middle of a wildlife "management" area. I have 14 cats, 4 dogs, and 2 cows. I live about half a mile away from some unsubs (or rather knownsubs) with whom I try to avoid contact.

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normasm, the moving things around is probably just trying to establish some order so things don't get out of hand.

Exactly. PTV actually promotes having multiple threads. We like it. It keeps conversations from getting buried in just one endlessly huge thread, and everything is much easier to follow by using the 'my content' tab under your name, which tells you exactly where you've posted. 

Members are encouraged to start their own threads, and if it gets redundant, we can always merge them. By the same token, if you start a thread that you no longer see a need for, feel free to contact a mod to close it. 

And you're right, zannej, there is no such thing as the confusing 'boards on boards' here. We operate mostly by one, all-purpose slogan: "Don't Be A Dick." :D

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Old Dog, that's great you're taking a mini-refresher, even though I saw nothing wrong with your CM-fu. Don't envy you watching 6 though. *shudder*

Just made ham, egg, and cheese bkfst sandwich, having coffee and plotting my day. Shopping for the Easter thang later today. I'm non-religious (though my kids are welcome to go to church if they choose, and sometimes do) so I celebrate the kid aspect: coloring eggs, egg hunt, Easter Bunny side of it.

TONIGHT IS ORPHAN BLACK SEASON PREMIERE!! Can you tell I'm a wee bit excited?

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Earl Grey - hot?

And I do like With Friends Like These ("Take that knife - and STAB me in the neck with it!"), and two others, Coda and Corazon. I think Coda is the best episode Rick ever wrote, and the casting was perfect. 

Other than those, I avoid six like the plague! ;)

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Speaking of season 6 I actually thought "Into the Woods" was pretty good considering who wrote it. I really liked Reid in it.

I know someone has mentioned that they thought Reid was too slow,but I wonder if that was more because of MGG.

Wasn't he still on pain medication because of his knee injury at that time..

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and going on to re-watch Season 6 of CM after the games on here made me realise I don't know them too well!

Hee---I relate all too well! I'm pathetically out my league when you refer to anything that happened post-S4, but you guys have already helped to raise my CM IQ immeasurably :) I love how rewatching the show makes it easier and even more fun to play these games, while playing these games makes me even more eager to rewatch the show...ah, the cycle of TV addiction. I should really rewatch the later seasons as well, but somehow I find myself in a decidedly S2-ish mood today. These things can't be helped ;) 

I'm not religious either, willowy. (Is your name a reference to BtVS's Willow Rosenberg, by the way?! I've been dying to ask you!) I was raised Jewish---albeit in a fairly casual, go-to-temple-twice-a-year-at-most sort of way. I do, however, believe in a power greater than ourselves and in the general 'try not to be a horrible human being' stuff ;) 

My brother and I are taking my mom out tonight to celebrate her 66th birthday. My mom and I are close but have surprisingly little in common. And she's the type who "doesn't get" why anyone would love CM, but somehow our relationship endures :) 

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My name is exactly that, mstaken! 

It was my original name on Whedonesque.com since 2002, and I've been unable to keep hold of it anywhere other than there, so you can imagine my delight when I was able to get it here! Willowy: because I used to be skinny, adding a 'y' to things is very Joss, and Ms. Rosenberg was and is my favorite character. 

BTW, can you guess what my ten-year-old daughter is named? 

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Heh---is it Tara? Dawn? Anya? Faith? Buffy? Diana? Elle?...JJ? ;) 

Long before I developed my girlcrush on our Prentiss, I loved the name Emily. If I ever have a daughter, she's so getting that name...and my probably-won't-ever-exist son just might be named Spencer, as I legitimately love the name as well as the character with whom I now associate it! 

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LOL, no. It's Willow. And her older brother is named Tristan, for Ludlow in Legends of the Fall. 

And my factory is closed, but were I ever to adopt a boy he WOULD be named Spencer Reid, first and middle, for certain.

Maybe I'll make my kids name one of their kids Spencer! Ha!  

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Heh---yeah, I kind of suspected it was Willow! It's a truly beautiful name, and I also absolutely LOVE the name Tristan beyond the telling of it! Many of the pieces of fiction I start to write and subsequently abandon feature characters named Tristan :) 

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Interesting, I thought you came up with the username Willowy because your daughter was named Willow.But it appears you had that name before you had your daughter.So I guess she was named after it.

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I don't have kids and will never have them, but I like to give my pets names that involve characters I like. I had cats named Worf, Data, Pavi (feminine form of Pavel), Tristan, Turlo, etc. There were so many I can't remember them all. I had interesting names for my goats too, but its been over 20 years so I can't remember anymore.

I just got home from visiting a friend and helping color some Easter eggs. She had some fake eggs as well as real hard boiled ones. The dye started eating the shell off of the real eggs and it wouldn't stick to the fake eggs. So we resorted to painting the fake ones with nail polish. It turned out pretty badly, but it was amusing. I haven't painted things with nail polish in 30 years so I suck at it. LOL.

I watched my friend's 2-year-old climb all over a pit-bull lab mix. The dog is incredibly good with children and doesn't even get irritated. She is such a sweetheart. 

I'm watching the Suze Orman show with my mother right now so I'm a bit distracted.

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Man, I now have a possum that thinks it needs to live in my house. It comes in through the cat door and curls up on a blanket that is on the floor for the cats. I nearly stepped on the possum in the kitchen. It did not react to me and the cats did not seem bothered by the possum. After awhile the possum walked over and curled up on the blanket to nap. A few minutes later my brother walked in and fed the possum cookies. /facepalm


So the possum thinks it is partytime. 


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LOL! My dog is ruining the possum's party. He keeps barking at the possum and trying to nip it when it tries to get away. He chased it out of the house a few minutes ago and I think its trying to get back in again. Poor thing. It just wanted some cookies and a nice place to nap.


One of these days I will stop getting brain freeze. LOL. 

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Zannej, not to spoil yer possum party, but either take that thing into the vet and vaccinate it for rabies, or have animal control come pick it up for relocation. Don't fool around with feral animals in your home!

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normasm, there is no animal control out where I live. There is a "dog catcher" but he doesn't actually go and catch anything, people have to catch them and bring them to him or to City Hall and call him-- and he ONLY takes dogs. I'm not sure what we are going to do about the poor little possum. I might ask the vet if he knows anyone that can relocate it.


I forgot to mention that I was looking at pictures on criminalmindsfeed tumblr and there was a picture of some of the cast holding up signs and it had to do with someone named Sarah Jones. I decided to google it and apparently she was a camera assistant who once worked with Harry Bring. She was filming "Midnight Rider" and the producers had completely failed to take any precautions and had not been given permission to film on the train tracks where they were filming. (In fact, there was correspondence to show that the train company told them "no" when they asked). They didn't even bother to check the train schedule so the crew nearly got run over by the train and one of them, Sarah Jones, was killed. It's being investigated as a criminal case as negligent homicide.




Harry Bring was quoted in the first article. I'm just glad the cast/crew of CM weren't put in those situations and that they have safety measures.

Edited by zannej
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zannej, it was/is a huge thing. Harry spearheaded this campaign because of the shameful safety record of some production companies and Sarah was actually a close friend of his. He was devastated, and still not over her death. The entire entertainment community rallied and Sarah has become a figurehead for their cause of 'set safety' which is a big, big problem in the industry. 

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Willowy, I do hope that something good comes of it. From what I understand, the rules in California are very strict so stuff like that doesn't usually happen-- which is why those guerrilla type productions film in other states with rules that are more lax. Although I still remember that a crew member (a cameraman?) was killed while filming X-Files because he got too close to some powerlines and got zapped. For some reason, not all powerlines are sealed up and you don't even have to be touching them to get zapped. My former busdriver's son was on a ladder trimming some trees six feet away from a powerline and it arced out and hit him, sending a jolt down through his organs and out his foot. It didn't kill him, but it messed him up fairly badly.


This week has sort of been sucking. I got a call that a woman who'd been like a grandmother to me was dying. We sat with her at the nursing home for two days while she got worse. The last day her son requested that everyone leave so he could have some privacy to say goodbye. We got the call about her death on Sunday morning. Tuesday was the viewing and yesterday was the funeral. At least she went rather quickly- it took her husband 10 days to die and we were there every day, but her grandson took it very hard. His mother was telling us that the grandmother was more of a mother to him and that she'd been more like a sister instead. 


I was going to get some pictures of the family when they were all together but my cellphone had a run in with a tree root-- screen first, so I have to get it fixed. Poor little phone is still chugging along (it rings and has the alarm clock go off, but the digitizer and LCD are dead). Fortunately I have a friend who can put it all back together once I get the replacement parts in.


normasm, I asked one of the clerks at the vet's office and she said they don't give rabies vaccines to possums.


After I hit the hardware store to get some parts I need to fix a broken waterline outside. The dogs have been drinking from the waterer for the cows in the meantime. I'm pondering adding a 3rd faucet to the setup. The old setup had a T and 2 faucets. One was for the waterer and the other was for a hose that could be moved to either front or back. I want a 3rd so I can have a hose that goes to the back to spray dust out of the air conditioner and one to the front to wash the car, as well as a dedicated line for the dog waterer. I have the 1/2 sch40 pvc and some fittings already. I just need the extra faucets and a new T or fitting that will let me have 3 faucets. Then I'll have to insulate it all to keep it from freezing next winter.


I'm sure most of that was boring as hell for people. LOL.

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Here is a question for people who have children and/or spend a lot of time around children: Is it normal for a child who is almost 5-years-old to not be able to pronounce words like "finger" and to answer a question like "When is your birthday?" with "Chucky Cheese" and to randomly start throwing in "french fries" and other objects when trying to count to ten? (and not being able to properly pronounce french fries). Is that just normal kid stuff or is there possibly a developmental problem?

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Su, I swear, your neighborhood. 


YES that is definitely a developmental issue. That poor child needs help. Call your local Social Services office. Do it.


I have ZERO patience with people seeing these things and sitting on their ass about it. That is a helpless child. CALL them.

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