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  1. IndependentMind

    S04.E02: Nautilus

    At some point the show has to explain what happened to Root from the age of 10 when Hannah was kidnapped and murdered to her losing her mother (she stayed and took care of her mother until she died, and then how she became an assassin. There are gaps there. If we follow the timeline, Root is 3 years younger than Hannah meaning when Carter and Reese went to Texas, they thought Root was Hannah and they estimated her age to be 35 but as it turned out Root is Samantha Groves, whose mother died 10 years earlier, so that means she left Texas at 22 after her mother died. And I don't think she was killing already at that time. Something happened to her that she lost all human compassion or lost her trust in humanity. Obviously she has feelings because she took care of her mother. I don't think there was ever a father in the picture. I do think she was already a hacker even then in Texas and I think that is how she paid for her mother's medical bills. I think he and her mother were poor and came from the other side of the tracks based on how that Librarian detest attitude towards her. She was probably teased a lot as a child for being poor. Somehow, I think she was recruited mainly as a hacker but eventually, became a hacker by getting tangled in that web.
  2. IndependentMind

    S04.E01: Panopticon

    I think the Machine was aware that putting Reese in the police force is the only way to keep him from going all out trigger happy. Although Shaw is that way too, she is more likely to follow her cover than Reese ever will. Look what he did at the end, Martine barely missed them. But that stunt of Reese made Samaritan suspicious already.
  3. IndependentMind

    S04.E01: Panopticon

    GP said that in episode 5 will get some flashbacks about Root and the Machine during the time the team had to go their separate ways, and that Root and her relationship with the Machine isn;t as solid as it seems. Remember this is just the first episode of the season. Root will for sure get frustrated because her communication with the Machine is limited. Let's see how long she can keep this up.
  4. IndependentMind

    S05.E12: Burden of Proof

    I don't know if this is an indication that R & I will not be renewed. Because Sasha never works during her hiatus and she is this time. Hmmm. http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/09/24/sasha-alexander-shameless-season5/
  5. This is what I have to say about Shaw and Root. Root knows everything about Shaw and she would not be flirting with Shaw if she wasn't interested or Shaw doesn't swing that way. And from the clip we saw for the season 4 premiere, there is something different about their relationship. Meaning that she is not irritated with Root or she wants to kill her anymore, it's just different. I think Root will be working closely with Harold more this season. And Root will probably be working on her own too.
  6. I think it will. And I wonder if it has anything to do with Samaritan. I didn't it was as bad as 4C. Sorry, as much as I love JC, I was bored to death with that episode..
  7. Yes I adore the Nerd Squad too. I read somewhere the actor who plays Jason has a new gig so I don't know if they will return. But I think Amy was asked about that and she hopes so and that they were fun.
  8. IndependentMind

    S05.E12: Burden of Proof

    Rizzoli & Isles is consistently in the top 3 of Cable shows so I don't know what the holdup is in renewing. But if it doesn't get renewed, big reason has to be the story lines this season where it [retty much revolved around Jane and Angela. I don't understand why Angela is always there when forst of all, she doesn't have a job anymore, she broke up with Cavanaugh and she is living still in Maura's place. I don't know why all of a suddent there was need to insert her in every situation. It sucks because two things ruined this season for me, 1) Angela 2) Angie turned Jane into herself because she is so keen on not making Jane a lesbian and she wanted to stop all the Rizzles. Sasha just plays along with it but you can tell Angie is irritated by it. I wish they were more like Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi. They both support the SHOOT ship and they have no problem if the show ever goes there. And I love both their answers during interviews and during panels. They have so much fun teasing.
  9. It will be very interesting how JN and GP will end the series. Although they continue to say each of the member of the team has its expiration date.
  10. I think in the end, we will find out that they are all just pawn for the Machine. And that all along, she is just using all of them and only to get rid of them in the end. In my mind that is how it will end. Finch will realized that and he will kill the Machine and only for the Machine to hire someone to kill him.
  11. Just like in "Root Path" where Root had to decide whether to save Cyrus or get the hard drive. I have a feeling that one of the members of the team will be captured by Samaritan and this will force Finch to do something about fighting back. Yes, I have noticed that her tone has changed when she is talking to Reese. It's more playful. And just like you I am hoping for more Reese/Root working together. I just find them stunning together. hehe. I'm a SHOOT shipper but darn, that season 3 gag reel with Jim and Amy, and Jim going "I want you baby." had Roose shipping written all over it. LOL. I felt I have betrayed and abandoned my SHOOT ship.
  12. IndependentMind

    S05.E12: Burden of Proof

    If TNT renews it, there will be some changes. I could see them getting rid of Lorraine Bracco or limiting her episodes as they should have.
  13. Part of that fear is because I think the Machine has evolved and grown in a way I don't think he even realized. And you never know, maybe in the end, he turns out to be the villain. That is the reason the Machine recruited Root because the Machine knows that Root will risk her life. If the Machine told her to go in there with 10 guys in the room with guns she would. Whereas, Reese and Shaw won't. The Machine also knows that Reese and Shaw would listen to whatever Finch tells them to do, Root won't. He admonishes Root for her recklessness but Root does the things he refuses to do. And it's probably why Shaw finds her fun. And loves working with her. LOL
  14. You will find out in the season 3 finale of the consequence of not killing the Senator. All this is happening because of Finch. Finch who has been avoiding facing what his creation has caused. In season 4, Finch will be in dilema. He is again running away and pretty much surrendering to Samaritan while his team are telling him to fight. JN mentioned that Finch will struggle with this throughout the season.
  15. IndependentMind

    S05.E12: Burden of Proof

    According to Jan Nash, no word yet from TNT about season 6 pick up. Hmmm. What dos that tell you. TNT has always renewed this show early on. Definitely before summer finale. And now, no word still?