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S04.E04: And the Old Bike Yarn

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Didn't make sense to me that Caroline wanted the bike "delivs" but then insisted Max do them. Whine whine.  Caroline needs to friggin' do them herself or quit it.  Her next move was to teach Max how to ride and then expect her to get out there in traffic. Dumb.  A metropolitan area is no place for a novice bike rider (navigating a dense area of pedestrians and vehicles zipping around).


Max not knowing how to ride a bike doesn't seem like an embarrassment.  Han, contrary to his teasing, looked unsteady while he was riding!

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Yeah, it was Caroline's bright idea to do bike deliveries, and when she didn't like it because she smelled like Hummis, she expected Max to do it instead. This is one instance where Max was entitled to tell Caroline where she could stick her bike.

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I love this show.  And I don't expect it to change, thank heavens.  Looove Sophie, her apartment, her outfits and her entrance hoots.  What so many posters leave out entirely is the level of support all the characters have for each other, even while they are putting them down in the snarkiest manner possible.  They're still an oddball family, and Max - never change (and I love that you haven't, not one bit!).  Caroline is actually my least favorite character, even after Oleg who I think is a blast. 


I quit watching Big Bang entirely because it's just so repetitive, but 2 Broke Girls consistently brings fresh "in poor taste/hilariously weird and funny" jokes to perhaps stale situations, and I really like that, too.

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