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  1. MomHasCooties

    S15.E13: I Walk the Line

    The best thing about this episode was music from Snow Patrol.
  2. MomHasCooties

    Last Man Standing

    Not sure about the new Mandy, but still......welcome back show!
  3. MomHasCooties

    S03.E01: Third Year

    Leanne and Jesse are the only two likeable characters on this show anymore. There are so many characters it's impossible to keep track of them. I have no words for the whole ambulance as a shield thing. Guess the ambulance gal has a death wish after all. It would be hard to learn how to be a doctor with a camera in your hand all the time. Bleh!! What happened to the show I used to love?
  4. Yikes. That was a dreary first hour.
  5. MomHasCooties

    S04.E03: Do No Harm

    WTH! Now Scott, TC and Jordan will spend all season blaming themselves for Annie. Blech. And bring TC home, the Syria plot is dreary. The new doctor/not a nurse is not Topher. What happened to this show?
  6. MomHasCooties

    S03.E01: The Times They Are A-Changin

    I missed this show, glad it is back. Hope Drew comes home soon.
  7. MomHasCooties

    S01.E05: What Lies Beneath

    Hope Drill is busy enough in Africa that he won't have Mynx take the gun and shoot her mom.
  8. MomHasCooties

    S01.E02: The Sugar Point Run

    I guess I am easy to please this summer. I like the show and the characters. At least I don't have to try too hard to follow the story, unlike a few other summer shows that have me so confused I gave up on them.
  9. MomHasCooties

    S01.E03: Collision

    The piece of paper with numbers on it was a receipt from the bakery, that's how Claire knew to go there.
  10. MomHasCooties

    S03.E09: Kill The Messenger

    Why do TV characters always act surprised when they have sex without precautions and turn up pregnant? Theo is so handsome, who cares if he's a psychopathic serial killer? Why aren't FBI agents as smart as serial killers? Why do I continue to watch this show?
  11. MomHasCooties

    The Mysteries Of Laura

    I'm going to miss this show if it gets cancelled. Laura and her hunk are finally getting somewhere! I love the Nanny, I think we could be BFFs. This show is way better when the twins are no place to be seen.
  12. MomHasCooties

    Season 1 Discussion

    Poor Lasalle. Sad to see his brother losing his battle . Sometimes loving somebody isn't enough to keep their demons at bay. And you could see Loretta taking those boys in a mile away.
  13. MomHasCooties

    S01.E17: Fun and Games

    Crazy homicidal psychopath after me? I'll sleep in my office surrounded by police. And police dogs. And guards with uzis. Hope Ben is okay!
  14. MomHasCooties

    S02.E08: Spacewalker

    I wonder where Clarke buys her mascara. When she came to in the drop ship, she had some serious eyelashes going on. The horses were pretty. The mountain men are just crazy. I think in some way or another, Clarke did love Finn. I was surprised they actually killed him off, though.
  15. MomHasCooties

    S04.E10: Atonement

    That would be a magical story line.