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  1. What kind of "magic" Blake did? nothing! Audience plant, slight of hand card, that was it! and helped by the camera director (he/she deserves a good kick in the rear behind)
  2. Well, weast coast and mountain viewers only got an hour, pre-empted by the DNC... so only saw half the acts, then later on youtube (we never get anything live anyway).. I think nobody on this batch is gonna win AGT this year, looking forward for next week.
  3. DrLar

    Finding Dory (2016)

    Well those under sea currents make wonders I guess, they just ride them so they can cross the ocean on them with little effort, I suppose it takes some days from Australia to California thru the north equatorial current...
  4. DrLar

    S01.E08: El Valero

    I guess Genesis finally found a non exploding host and doesn't want to be in the can, now how to get Eugene out of hell...
  5. I'm surprised nobody had an Atari 2600, not even the rich guy! but the walkie talkies also seem expensive, at that time only the rich guy from the block had one and we'll line up to see if he let us play LOL.
  6. Getting an "Aliens" vibe and those slugs will become monsters (season 2?) and Will brought one to this world.. I assume Barb was left in the Upside down, no funeral for her? I was so wrong and Nancy ended up with the jock!...
  7. I wonder what the bullies are telling their parents? like "a girl broke my arm with her mind" LOL So again they forgot about Barb, where is she? did the monster just ate her? at least Will still running around someplace..
  8. And obviously Nancy is gonna fall in love with Jonathan... I think since day 1 it was telegraphed. So inside up or whatever, alternate dimension, or something right out of D&D.. now we need wizards to cast fireballs.
  9. Wow so the tech is so advanced they can make bodies look like real bodies, did they need to stuff it with cotton? LOL They went very dramatic, just touching the skin it should felt plastic and no need to even open it. I thought at first it was Barb's body but no, they don't seem even looking for her at all.
  10. I guess that's like a year's worth of salary advance, all those lights, a cordless phone, etc.. electric bill thru the roof.
  11. Man that camera should cost a fortune back in '83! and Byers family doesn't seem that good, scrapping for a phone with advance pay? Deadbeat ex-husband doesn't seem to send any money either..
  12. When you were at that 11-12 age in 1983 (like me) you love this show and nostalgia hits hard! I clearly remember that I had 3 friends, I don't know what it was but a group of 4 makes sense, specially playing board games and stuff that required 4 players.. I forgot how they find out Eleven was a girl in the first place since she didn't talk at the beginning. (heck anyone would assume it was a boy just by appearance)
  13. continued, after watching the last episode.... Not only it's cure for cancer and heals wounds fast, but it seems immortality syrup, I mean the baby still looks newborn and he's 7 month's old.. LOL
  14. They are giving us the GOT treatment of killing mayor characters, I guess the only ones left alive would be Wiley and Adam? So I gathered that the vaccine got rid of her tumor? if so, maybe they discovered cure for cancer accidentally? LOL Also that what she gets for not breastfeeding the baby, had to give him away after all.
  15. Amazing how the Khan didn't get tired with his gout problems and all, good aim by Marco, could easily put one arrow on Kublai's arse.. LOL How fast "Mother in Law of the Century" figured out Jingim is the one not able to have children? (he needs a couple of concubines IMO)
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