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S08.E03: The First Pitch Insufficiency

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Certainly it's her choice to make. However, she has still expressed more than a few times that she isn't getting everything she wants from a relationship. Maybe she believes Sheldon will change or something like that. Regardless, she knows the relationship is far from perfect from her perspective so it's ridiculous to sit in judgement of anyone else's relationship.

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Holy crap on a cracker. Imo, Amy would trade her relationship with Sheldon in a freakin' heartbeat  for something like  Penny's with Leonard ...any day and twice on Sunday -- if only for the bah-ow chica wow wow.. aspect. [/que 70's porn music here]

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bah-ow chica wow wow.. aspect. [/que 70's porn music here]

Love the music, thank you.


I liked episode 1 of this season.  Howard throwing out the first pitch - hilarious.  Getting the Mars Rover to do it and then epic fail - also hilarious.

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Why not give Howard a win? Why is humiliation funnier than actual cleverness?


I agree! I thought that was so disappointing. I loved the twist that he decided to use science instead of throwing the ball himself. I still cringed a little, figuring the contraption would wind up and do a super-sonic throw, clocking the catcher in the head or something. But I would have taken that over the stupid slow-mo approach they went with. Boring, and even more lame when they came back from commercial only to still be playing on the same dumb joke and then that's the end. Double boring. And sad.

I can't wait for the day when Amy decides she wants more and this time she's done with Sheldon. The idea that they have a superior relationship when they have hardly any intimacy whatsoever (not even sex, I'm talking emotions of any kind) is annoying to me.


Sheldon doesn't have to want a sexual relationship, that's fine -- it's his body and comfort zone, and Amy shouldn't force him into anything, that would be very very wrong. But he has to understand that not having a sexual relationship might not be what his partner wants and that might mean someday letting her go if she wants something he can't or doesn't want to give. Just because he finds a sexless relationship "ideal" doesn't mean it's ideal for his partner. We've already seen and heard from Amy that that is very much the case.

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